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  1. It is an extremely fun little device I wish I had the ability to create one from scratch, but I do not If you can find a dirt cheap H3 device (prices have gone up from $10 to $35 over the last year +) I’d wager you’d have some fun fiddling about with it.
  2. Order up an Allwinner H3 based Orange Pi, visit basicengine dot org, and download the BASIC NG firmware. Write the firmware to a microSD card and BAM!! A bare metal Pi device running a BASIC interpreter
  3. Just want to bump this. I mentioned above that it would be great if the CX16 team would make a couple of “official” case recommendations, and let the end user buy the case on their own, and David & company supply case badges with the kit (diy or preassembled). It is certainly understandable that David doesn’t want to invest the time, warehousing, or money in pallets of cases.
  4. Why not make a recommendation of a couple of applicable mATX (or whichever form factor) case, let the customer order one of those cases, and the CX16 guys provide case badges, etc.? I would buy an X8, but I also 100% understand the trepidation some have about it. I have thought about it a bit since reading this thread and still haven’t decided if it would dilute things too much. I would be glad to donate $$ for development. I’d even do it on an ongoing basis, *if* there were official status updates, and if things didn’t linger in perpetual development hell. Setup a separate Patreon for Commander X16 development and keep people apprised of the goings on. All that said, I really wish you had struck up a deal with Stefany. I am really looking forward to picking up a couple more machines from her soon.
  5. I will definitely be buying the Mega 65 and X16...and will have the new cost reduced C256 very shortly. The main draw for the X16 for me is that the userbase will be huge, relatively speaking. I do worry that the lack of updates will negatively impact that potential large userbase - as they move on to other things. I thought this forum was the main repository of X16 stuff; I can’t stomach doing much on Facebook these days. I suppose if announcements will be made over there then I could make a sock puppet to use. I’m torn on the Mega 65’s floppy drive. I keep three 5-1/4 floppy drives connected to an Atari 800XL, but I also use modern storage devices with it (including FujiNet, which is the bee’s knees). I have a soft spot for the old school home computer style computer in the keyboard styling of the Mega.
  6. I’m interested in seeing any progress anyone may make. I’ve toyed around making a luggable case and such for the Basic Engine. It is MUCH easier to do something like this with since it is only slightly larger than a PI. I’ve built a couple of prototypes out of wood, but have scrapped those. I do have a pretty full woodworking shop that I inherited to use...I just need to develop the skills needed.
  7. ...just joined the new forums. Glad to be away from the general toxicity of Facebook and onto a dedicated forum.
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