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  1. Hello there! So the goal is to introduce ourself right? Well, here I go, I'm a french student of 20 years old and actually doing an applied physics bachelor. And I'm here because I just discovered the 8 Bit Guy like a month ago and its youtube channel fueled my pre-existing interest in retro computers (cause whats the fun with new ones really? ). I dont really own any retro computer for now because I dont have either money or space, so my oldest computer is a Toshiba 4010CDT that I use to play dos games (on floppy disks I adore those). So the idea of this commander x16 interest me as it could give me a small feel of what computing was back then, before I can get old hardware. So thats really all, I code in python and a bit in C#. Hopping to meet some of you on other topics
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