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  1. I'm pretty sure there are probably still pubs in Newcastle that will serve 14-year-olds as long as the pigs aren't looking
  2. The legal age to purchase alcoholic drinks in the UK is 18, and has been for a very long time. The legal age to consume drinks above 0.5% ABV, other than in a private home, is 16 for beer, wine, or cider served with a meal in an on-licensed establishment in England or Wales while accompanied by an adult, and 18 for any other circumstance. The legal age to consume drinks above 0.5% ABV in a private home is 5 in England and Wales, 14 in Northern Ireland, and undefined (thus nonexistent) in Scotland.
  3. I am confident, as someone who wrote device drivers and continuous background testing software at a single board computer manufacturer, that getting fully safe in-field updates to Flash ROMs requires software, hardware, and wetware support Good hardware and software design can mitigate, but not remove, the need for wetware support; as we all know, Nature is very good at producing better idiots.
  4. Oh, definitely. (Ask Rob Halford )
  5. Currently I'm on a bit of a kawaii metal kick, be it Babymetal or Necronomidol.
  6. The PC/AT and the PS/2 series both used an Intel 8042 microcontroller to operate the host end of the keyboard interface.
  7. My first guess would be Spy Hunter, since I very sharply remember the fact that C64 Spy Hunter needed one actual stick (single-player) but two buttons (one for guns/rocket, one for oil/smoke), and even came with a plastic tray that you could put two joysticks into (if you had two of the right model of joystick).
  8. I just wanted to stop by and say "thank you" for writing this. It's going to make writing my silly little dungeon game directly on the emulator much more pleasant, since I won't have to clutter it up with a big pile of DATA statements
  9. Has anyone implemented a font/tile editor that runs natively on the x16? I'm enjoying writing my program TUNNEL (it's a very minimal, text-only, completely linear dungeon crawl with all the terrible design and balance of late 1970s proto-CRPGs back when "you drink the mysterious potion oh lol it is poison now you are dead" was considered perfectly acceptable) in BASIC directly on the (emulated) machine and thought it would be kinda neat to have a font editor that ran natively as well. The ability to have it spit out a set of DATA statements would be particularly neat, but even just save-to-disk is good enough
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