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  1. The VTUI library is designed to be called from the likes of Assembler and C. It is not designed to be called from BASIC. When that is said, it should be possible to call the library from BASIC by POKE'ing the needed values to 780-782 for CPU registers and 02-.. for zeropage registers and then calling the needed function with SYS For more information on passing CPU registers from BASIC, have a look at this page: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/SYS
  2. That is from Release 37 of the ROM https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/blob/master/README.md
  3. You could ensure that you empty the que every time you have read a character.
  4. Ahh... Finally I see it. I had it mixed. Here in Denmark we have a saying: The eyes are usually the first to go blind... Anyway, I bumped the version to 0.6a as there are a few changes in usage. - See the downloads section or github.
  5. @Greg King Thanks. I am afraid that in the meantime things have changed again and I have actually updated both the source and the documentation. If you find that I am overconfident, please let me know and show me once more. Thank you very much for your interest and your help
  6. I have manged to free up an extra 50 bytes in the library, so I think it is time to try and add a feature or two. Looking through the posts in this subject I have found the following that is not yet implemented. Scrolling text within a "window" Getting a size-constrained string from keyboard Word-wrap at a specific length. Support for multiple character sets. I am afraid that option 1 is not doable within the 1KB range, but if that is the one you all point to, I will give it a shot. Which one would you guys most like to see added to the VTUI library? Have I missed something that is even more important? Let me know
  7. When I wrote the mock-up of midnight commander, I needed a way to copy text from one place on screen to another, but without copying the color information. The new functionality in print_str is meant as a step on the way to achieving that. I may not be a stop in the right direction, in which case I will remove the feature again, but for now the option is there. In the future, new routines will be added to the bottom of the jump table. I had the exact same troubles when I updated my example code.
  8. Finally decided that I wanted print_str to support not setting the color. Library updated to version 0.6
  9. It is not one of the examples in the repo as the source was just thrown together to create interesting-looking images I am going to and from changing print_str to enable it to write strings without touching the color of the chars. - I have a very hard time deciding... (this is why I have not updated to 0.6 yet)
  10. I have added it as a new function. That was actually a bit shorter than having fill_box check for the width For now, I have not bumped the version, but you can find the updated binary and source code on the github page.
  11. How about having fill_box clear the screen if width is set to 0 ? I think that requires less code in the library than having two separate functions
  12. A couple of revisions ago I removed the clear_screen function as the same can be achieved by the fill_box function, but I have been thinking about adding clear_screen back in as I believe there is room in the 1K and I can not think of any other function that could be added within the remaining ~100 bytes. What do you guys think?
  13. I thought I had changed this. Can you point me to where I have missed it?
  14. I was a bit premature in declaring the changes, Greg King suggested, a success We should be back to normal operation now. As stated, I have removed the ldy r2h and I have changed the print_str function to convert from petscii if .A=0
  15. @Greg King thanks, I will look into it. 4 bytes saved, thanks again
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