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  1. I've found this example https://gist.github.com/JimmyDansbo/f955378ee4f1087c2c286fcd6956e223 but it doesn't work , at least on r37, and I dont even understand what is doing on section "Setup Layer0 for bitmap data" using the vera data port to configure stuff? what did I miss?
  2. vice colors are much closer to what I see on the real hardware, I'm used to PAL colors , it might be a NTSC thing but i really doubt the differences are that big. yeah, you can edit them thats absolutely great, but I was thinking on all the games that are going to be released using the c64 palette ( I hope ) that probably won't tweak the colors and they are gonna look so off ...
  3. both, several c64 machines on 1702 & 1084 monitors and Vice , I'm not talking about small differences, I see the colors really off
  4. Thank you for the answers , yes the scale registers worked to set a fake resolution of 330x240 , but the computer was still thinking the screen Was 640x480 , Cause I can take the cursor out of screen for example, so I guess the VRAM designed to hold screen data is still the same big, I could ignore that and only update the upper left quarter of that VRAM I guess I also tried the screen stop registers to see what happens and those didn’t do anything I believe. about the strong scan lines: if I’m not mistaken , scanlines on a regular real 8 bit computer are generated cause , it only generates a field of what it would be a interlaced frame, I believe it only does the pair lines , so the resulting image is missing the odd lines in between and that’s why see black think lines. But on the x16,setting the scale to the half to get 320x240 would still generate those mid lines , in other words the height of every pixel would be drawn by two lines of the CRT instead of one. I think this is how PCs in the DOS era were drawing 320x240 games and that’s one of the reasons PC games looked that blocky in contrast with Amiga screens for example.
  5. 640x480 is too big for the graphics to feel 8 bitish, also if I am not mistaken, the VGA output would not generate strong enough scanlines in a CRT, if only a 240p Resolution would be possible... i have experimented with the VERA screen stop registers to use them in combination of the screen scale registers but got no good results , maybe because they all don’t work on the emulator? anyway I’m not sure that idea would make a proper 320x240 resolution
  6. Is it just me? Been messing around with the emulator a bit today and I think the c64 colors assigned to the first 16 colors of the palette are so wrong in general are too saturated , but not just that , blues are so off, they are regular blues while the c64 blues are kind of different, specially light blue , also light green is not light enough
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