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  1. I'm subscribed to Adrian's channel partly because he's a superb troubleshooter - very glad he helped the project this way! He also has the most 80s intro music, which is cool.
  2. Dude. It's a wedge form-factor. Tiny wedge to be sure, but my favorite computer form factor! Thinking about buying one.
  3. Oh, sure. The 17" LCD monitor I got is 1280x1024, which is hardly perfect but good enough for me. The smaller monitor is also good enough for *me* as I like the smaller size - I'm fine with black sidebars, not as good image quality and I've used an SX-64 and Apple //c with the 9" monitor back in the day. I have no interest going with a CRT, though I get why many would like to use one.
  4. I went to a thrift store and found a VGA 17" LCD monitor for $10 - you might be able to find 15" monitors the same way or on Craigslist; however, I also bought myself a 10 inch monitor with multiple inputs (including composite and VGA) on AliExpress.
  5. For me, it's a feature that is best implemented as an expansion card (or maybe through the user port?); otherwise feature creep will increase cost and make the X16 ship a lot later. Besides, the added complexity means troubleshooting and support get trickier, so it's better to have a simpler platform at first and get it right. However, I would say guidelines on how to create APIs for the X16 and expansion cards could be enough to ensure different implementations of ESP32-base expansion boards behave well together and with software that will use them. Having clear guidelines will also spur hardware development for the X16, which would be nice.
  6. 8-bit games that I actually played at home in the late 70s or early to mid 80s - I don't count games I played on emulators decades later: Pong (Telstar Deluxe) Omega Race (Vic-20) Centipede (Vic-20 version, clone) Breakout (Apple //e) Stellar 7 (Apple //e) Mario's Bros (Apple //e) Lode Runner (Apple //e) Ultima I to III (Apple //e) Sargon II (Apple //e) Moon Patrol (Apple //e)
  7. Eh, all we learned is that David like everyone else is human and sometimes screws up; I don't see this having any significant impact on X16. In fact, it bolsters the case for making a new "retro" computer as we'll be able to fiddle with it without worrying we might be damaging vintage hardware.
  8. @Anshul2 Go check out the Features and Specifications in the FAQ - no cartridge port, but some info about the slots, user port and other I/O.
  9. Thank you; I've a had a project in mind for quite a while, one where the retro chip I'll be using runs at 4MHz - I'll need to check the specs again to see what kind of window I'm dealing with, but I'm glad there may be a simple solution to at least make it work, even with the performance hit.
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