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  1. Thanks, Matt. I should have... read the documentation I've had a quick look at it. Inserting $ff works as it says it should. Looks great Much better than what I was trying to do. I expect a significant increase in productivity now. Cheers Troy
  2. G'day. I'm not sure how I got this far without it, but I'm getting to a stage where some form of debugger would help. I'm a complete newbee when it comes to assembly programming, so this might be obvious to others. Currently, I've been resorting to outputting raster numbers, or hard-coding a brk. But, I've not found a reliable way to set a breakpoint and query registers or memory addresses. I assume due to my game using RAM or VRAM needed by the monitor when it breaks out. "There must be there a better way?" *I'm in black and white, my hair all frizzy* Those who are developing games in assembly... how are you debugging them? Cheers Troy
  3. Great stuff, Frank. I've only been playing around with it for a week or so. Seems to work really well (in the Emulator at least). Easy to use. Really looking forward to getting my hands on one when they're available for general consumption. Cheers Troy
  4. Absolutely. I will once it's at a stage you can at least finish a level.
  5. Since my initial introduction, I've started my own Commander X16 software project - re-creating the classic game Supaplex. It's my first game in Assembly (other than snake on my breadboard cpu), so might not work out. But, I'll give it a go anyway. You can follow the progress here: YouTube Channel GitHub
  6. I can't be the only one who read the title and thought "...and welcome to another LGR... thing..."
  7. Doing a great job too. Thanks for your work. It's very exciting! Cheers Troy
    Plays well. Good polish. Great job!
  8. Hi all, Just trying a few things before starting on a basic game. One thing I'm up to is loading a file into VRAM. I see this is supported in BASIC, but is there any existing code to do this is ASM? I can see how to implement this myself by opening the file, reading it a byte at a time and using the auto-increment of both the file handle and the vera, pipe it through. But, is there a repository of helper functions to do things like this? Cheers Troy
    This is great. For those wanting directional control, try this quick fix: 520 IF A$=CHR$(17) AND D%=2 THEN GOSUB 1000 521 IF A$=CHR$(17) AND D%=4 THEN GOSUB 1500 522 IF A$=CHR$(145) AND D%=4 THEN GOSUB 1000 523 IF A$=CHR$(145) AND D%=2 THEN GOSUB 1500 530 IF A$=CHR$(29) AND D%=1 THEN GOSUB 1000 531 IF A$=CHR$(29) AND D%=3 THEN GOSUB 1500 532 IF A$=CHR$(157) AND D%=3 THEN GOSUB 1000 533 IF A$=CHR$(157) AND D%=1 THEN GOSUB 1500
  9. But, not without saving first.
  10. Hi Commander X16 fans. I'm a software guy from South Australia. First computer was the TI-99/4A. I started out copying programs from books at around 6yo which gave me the programming bug. Was always envious of my C64 friends (they had much better games ) Recently dabbled in electronics and have built a breadboard CPU which is capable of very simple games on a 16x2 character LCD. But, being a software guy, also wrote an emulator for it which you can run in a browser. Have been watching (and thoroughly enjoying) David's videos for a couple of years and following this project with great interest. Also love some Retro Recipes Have had a blast playing with the X16 emulator, but really looking forward to getting my hands on a physical Commander X16. Aren't we all? Cheers Troy
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