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  1. Good point on the filenames/PETSCII on the X16; I'll keep that in mind.  I'm using the emulator on Windows.  If I uppercase the filenames in GFX.h, it just throws garbage on the screen regardless of which layer I use, so the way I have them (lowercase) seems to be correct.

    I'm skeptical of the problem being related to the filenames or the files missing since it works consistently if I draw the tilemap on layer1 and fails consistently if I draw it on layer0.

  2. You're correct that the line where I had the TODO needed to be changed to reproduce the issue -- I'd committed it load it to the foreground, where it's working.  I've confirmed the files are present in the working folder when I run the program.

    Interesting that it seems to work for you.  Here's what I get if I use BACKGROUND_MAP_BASE_ADDR in the vload_host() call for the tilemap:


    A black screen with the system writing "ready" after finishing the program (I assume the font is messed up because I overwrote it with tile or tilemap data).  Interestingly, if I move the cursor up or down, it jumps up to the line where the "ready" text is located, or what appears to be 4 lines instead of just 1.

  3. I'm having an issue trying to draw a tilemap on layer 0.  I load the tilemap (40x30) into banked RAM and then vpoke it into VRAM.  Both layers are 64x32 and 4bpp, and I've confirmed from the emulator logs that the palette, tiles, and tilemap are written to where I expect.

    I have a repository in GitHub reproducing this: https://github.com/kcowolf/x16-test. In src/main.c, in my initVera() function I set the Vera registers and initialize both of the layer tilemaps to all zeroes -- the first tile in the tileset is all color index 0.  In initTileMap(), I vpoke my image to one of the layers: if I use setForegroundTile(), the image is drawn as expected, but if I use setBackgroundTile(), all I get is a black screen.  This occurs whether or not layer1 is enabled.

    Any help I can get would be much appreciated, as I'm pretty stumped by this.

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