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  1. Thank you, this is great information. I'll have a deeper look at ZP addressing modes
  2. Answering my own question. I can rotate vertically in one direction with: Just missing vertical rotation in the other direction.
  3. Hi guys, I'm pretty much a total beginner with 6502 assembly. After watching David M's Planet X3 series, I was puzzled by his tile editor. In particular, with the feature to rotate the tile horizontally and vertically (essentially, is behaves like a torus). I've been playing around with writing a routine to do just that. Horizontal rotation is the easy part, we traverse an 8-byte array and use ROR and ROL for each byte, something like: I can get a similar behavior for vertical rotation. Conceptually, I get it. Y = $1000, $1000 = $1001, $1001 = $1002, ... , $1007 = Y. But what's an efficient way to implement this?
  4. I've got myself a copy of C64 Programmer's Reference Guide and a new Monsters joystick. I'm planning on buying an Ultimate II+, a copy of Sam's Journey and a USB composite video capture. With these items it'll be a lot easier to use my breadbin. Much like @EMwhite, I'm eagerly waiting for X16
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