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  1. The factory is fantastic, but I've never seen any oompa loompas working there. Most odd. (Perhaps they don't work on the weekend?)
  2. ...From sunny Birmingham, UK. (Yes, it's raining but never mind.) I'm Stewart, a software engineer writing commercial low level protocol drivers using C++, C, and client side stuff using the .Net framework. My first computer was a ZX81 (with the wobbly 16K expansion pack), then I moved onto the C64 (with the dodgy power supply). For the C64 I've written BASIC extensions, an editor (looked kinda like the Turbo C++ IDE)/assembler (because I didn't any of the other assemblers I had). I'm subscribed to Retro Recipes, and The 8-Bit Guy, and I was overjoyed to hear of the Commander X16 project. I started writing a BASIC interpreter for the X16, but stopped development when it was announced that the V2 BASIC was licensed for use. Oh well.
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