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  1. A chap called George Foot went on a bit of a mission and upgraded the Ben Eater design to increase the resolution and connect it up to a breadboard in a way that's synchronized with the CPU. Video series is here if you're interested. Pretty enjoyable to watch people doing stuff like this
  2. One thing about C64's (and other old computers) is that they tend to have faults. With the commodores especially, the custom chips and ROMs tend to go bad. And be careful of those exploding power supply caps! Getting something like a C64 you'll probably pay more and refurbished/tested/fixed it, less if it's "untested" (which normally means there's a fault, but the owner won't admit it...)
  3. Hello from Wakefield! Also been following this from day one. I'm more of a Spectrum guy myself, but I love the passion and idea behind this project. Will be looking to write software for it...
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