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  1. This is very polished-looking and sounding! Pretty much just as much fun as the original Breakout. Do you plan to share the source code at any point?
  2. Hi all, Software engineer from Massachusetts here I've been a fan of 8-bit Guy and following the X16 for a while now. I first became interested in computers after my uncle showed me a simple C64 BASIC program when I was 8 and I loved the idea that giving commands to a computer could be so simple. Back then I never got further than learning BASIC, but since I started digging in to the X16 and all the various software out there I've learned a lot about 6502 assembly and the underpinnings of how the kernel works. I'm really excited to see where the X16 goes and what people make for it! Maybe I'll even work on a few things myself .
  3. For debugging I like to use the emulator's debugger. It's probably more reliable than the monitor right now, and you can easily switch between banks, etc. You can get to it by running the emulator with "-debug" and hitting F12.
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