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  1. Well, after some research I bought a few bits. This is what I found. An ergonomic chair: Office chairs are usually better. Gaming chairs, well it depends. I got a gaming chair, but only because it was a good fit for my small stature. It was also recommended by several reviewers as being good for smaller people that typically recommend office chairs instead of gaming chairs. Desk: I got a basic cheap desk with metal legs & frame. Nice, simple & solid. It is so good that I got more similar furniture to organise my room better. Having a more organised work space has so many benefits.
  2. I too wanted more video RAM to make things easier. It was a no. You can find the reasons somewhere in this forum. So I made a spreadsheet to do some calculations and comparisons between some different combinations of screen modes, layer sizes and bit depths to see what the X16 could do and what I have to work with. One example: Resolution: 320x240 Layer 1: 128x32 Layer 2: 64x32 Colour depth: 8bpp If my calculations are correct there is enough memory to have over 1700 8x8 or equivalent images, for either tiles or sprite animations. Using the 4 orientations (normal, H-flip, V-flip, H+V-flip) that’s a lot of images to build a screen and for animations. Using 4bpp with a custom palette and palette offsets could massively increase that number.
  3. That link to VGMRips looks excellent! What current synth keyboard would you say is closest to what the YM2151 can do? Thinking of something like the Yamaha Reface CS to experiment with.
  4. Would a Yamaha Reface CS be good for experimenting with? Would its sounds translate well to a YM2151?
  5. How does one test music ideas and compose for the YM2151? Is there software to help program FM synth music? What about a keyboard/digital piano that would simulate or actually use a YM2151, or interface with the software?
  6. Thank you. I have been searching for examples of what the YM2151 can do. Gives me something to aim for knowing what can be done.
  7. That was a quick delivery! Ordered my WASD Commander X16 Deluxe keyboard with Zealio 67G switches on Thursday, got it today (Monday). That’s 4 or 5 days (depending on how you count it). I was not sure if I should buy one of these keyboards, and divided as to the correct switches. The keyboard at least matches my expectations (probably exceeds them). It is very pleasant to type on. The keys feel nice and the Zealio switches are wonderful. A definite upgrade from my Trust Asta GXT 865 keyboard. I have used many keyboards, although most were cheap ones. This is the best keyboard I have used. A slightly unfamiliar layout (I’m used to UK) but easily adapted to as I have some experience with a US configuration. (Or I could change the keyboard setting in my OS). I haven’t tried the dip switches yet, but that’s something my brain didn’t even register as a feature. Nice surprise! Even the two LED lights are pleasing to look at. IMO this keyboard is worth the money.
  8. Well, I finally made a decision. I bought one with Zealio 67g switches. Don’t know total cost yet, but likely around £275.00 I need (sort of) a TKL keyboard, so thought why not get a really good one. Should give me some motivation to do some work with my racing/driving game!
  9. Didn’t know where best to post this as I have several posts about the WASD Deluxe keyboard scattered all over the forums. Stuck between Cherry MX Green and Zealio 67g. I’ve had a WASD key switch tester for a while and decided to given it a proper bashing today. I prefer green to blue, and Purple is better than all the others. The idea of a click noise plus tactile feedback is appealing, but the purple one seems the best of the others combined. What to do?
  10. @Perifractic that’s understandable about any warranty. I thought that might be the case as it’s expected that users of the X16 will ‘tinker’ with it. Good thinking to add an option to remove the mini keyboard for a small discount. (Although I would personally probably still get the basic keyboard as a spare anyway). Had a quick and helpful response to an Email I sent to WASD. They gave me all the information I needed in a simple, helpful and logical way.
  11. I don’t mind paying the VAT and duty etc. (taxes fund essential services). I’m just trying to justify the total cost to myself. I suppose a WASD keyboard plus a Commander X16 including all fees would still be cheaper than most currently available graphics cards. As international shipping options will be available, could there be an option to add a WASD X16 keyboard to reduce total shipping cost? Understandable if it’s a no. Also, just thought about warranties. Would they apply outside the USA? Or is it best to wait and see?
  12. I think I just answered the question I asked WASD. The UPS delivery cost can’t include all taxes etc. Adding an extra item only increases the delivery cost a tiny amount, no where near enough for import duty and VAT, unless the checkout screen is wrong. That would make the WASD keyboard with green switches almost £260.00 if I’ve done my calculation correctly.
  13. Similar dilemma for me. I’m checking if the UPS delivery from WASD includes taxes & duty etc. as it looks like it might. If not, then the cost of the WASD keyboard and the CX16 combined might be too much. If it does include everything, then it will be about £211.00 for the WASD keyboard. I think that would be reasonable.
  14. Nice looking keyboard. I have a Trust Asta GXT 865 mechanical keyboard. I’ve been thinking of getting a WASD X16 keyboard for a while, with blue or green switches. Would I notice a difference, or would the Trust and WASD be comparable? I would also lose the number pad, which I like to use, but the smaller WASD X16 would make my keyboard & mouse positioning more ergonomic.
  15. Asked this in another part of the forum but I think it’s off topic so asking here. Planning on rearranging my room to make various projects easier. Currently have my TV and PC about 8 feet away, keyboard and mouse in a very unergonomic position, a 2 seater sofa, and a small table that is too low for working on. The TV and PC can stay where they are as there is other equipment I would need to move too, and the TV is a nice distance. So I need a work desk for various purposes that might need to be moved (only moved from a side to centre of the same room and back), so not a large, heavy, permanent fixed office desk. If I arrange things well I might be able to leave it permanently in the middle of the room. Usage: study, music theory, programming, art and others related things. So something that would work for drawing & writing, keyboard & mouse, iPad, second computer screen, and maybe a few other bits and bobs. Would a gaming desk and chair work as an all-in-one solution? Thinking of those instead of a standard desk and chair as they seem more robust. Some gaming desks have a tilt or angle to make them more ergonomic.
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