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  1. Once I have disposable income for more than hours in my day I'd love to buy this! Keep up the good work, lads.
  2. I have been wanting to create some games for a while now and haven't really liked anything, modern. I simply need a good direction to go so I can learn what I need to start up on this game project I've had brewing in my head for about five or six years now. hALP??!
  3. Dude this is thrilling to see! I saw your post on Facebook first and figured I'd poke over here a bit. I did want to know if those prototyping boards were going to be shipped with the system as a bundle or sold separately. If it was considered to be bundled with it, would it just be the S boards? Also, what would the prices be if you decided to sell them?
  4. Hello hello! I'm Zack, or.. Exabyte rather. I've been watching these guys for years now, it's really rather thrilling to find out that I could actually directly collaborate with them rather than being a little ol' viewer. Not that that's bad or anything! I'll see you guys around the board During my stay here, I do hope to learn the languages that go into the X-16. Game programming has always been something I've aspired to do but never found my niche. I think I've found it now, but only time will tell.
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