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  1. Thanks! I am now reading Machine Language for Commodore Machines. And am typing in code now Also thanks for your youtube Hello World video and answering my questions there
  2. Hello all, I just worked thorough the Easy 6502 tutorial with its assembler/debugger. Is there something similar that can be ran inside the X16 emulator? Maybe some combination of using -debug and mon? By similar I mean I can type in assembly code, assemble it, then either run it or step through it with a debugger. Thanks!
  3. Agreed he explains them very well for me. I would not be surprised if he is interested in this project
  4. Just finished going through Ben Eater's whole series on the 65C02 Breadboard computer. I am totally going to get his kits to make one. I find it so cool that it uses the 65C02, the same that will be in the X16! P.S. hope this is the right non-X16 forum if not please let me know
  5. VIC-20 was my first computer, I remember playing Amok, and Snake, and learning to program in BASIC. I got a expansion cartridge to give higher resolution and I used it for my Trigonometry class :-) I regret not getting an expansion cartridge to do assembly. Lastly all of it was stolen a few years later, my tape drive included :-( But I don't want to end on a low note, I am so happy for this project!
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