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  1. Someone created a 100 MHz 6502 using an FPGA. http://www.e-basteln.de/computing/65f02/65f02/
  2. The custom keyboard is nice because it has the Petscii characters on the keycaps.
  3. First off, thank you for the update. My preference would be to make the priority to deliver the Phase 1 kit as soon as reasonably possible and finish the kernel. Worry about the rest later. -J
  4. Welcome! I'm in Columbus. Go Buckeyes!
  5. Is defining a label/symbol outside of the program region something that will be added? I see that F2 (View) followed by F3 (SYMB) shows all of the symbols. It would be a nice feature to be able to define additional ones (maybe there already is and I just missed it?) Also, there are times when I'm backing out of something and I hit F8 too many times and I end up exiting the program. Maybe make EXIT F12 instead of F8 - so that it is all the way at the end of the keyboard? ( and leave F8 as the BACK key for everything else, and have no other function assigned to F12?)
  6. The Assembly Environment looks great! I don't know if this is a bug, but I loaded x16skel.prg and then Watch->CStr. I ended up leaving it blank (because I wanted to back out of the prompt) and hit return, and then it starts running and eventually returns an "ERROR: 65C02 CPU REQUIRED!" I wasn't doing anything serious. Just poking around. BTW, your video on this was great! Easy to follow the example. Worked fine!
  7. Looping code to print 'Hello' at memory location $1500 .A 1000 LDX #$00 .A 1002 LDA $1500,X .A 1005 JSR $FFD2 .A 1008 INX .A 1009 CPX #$06 .A 100B BNE $1002 .A 100D RTS Have to load $1500+ with HELLO = 48 45 4C 4C 4F OD To call from Basic: SYS 4096 OR SYS $1000 $93 = Clear Screen
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