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  1. I'm behind David 1000% on everything said here. Thanks Perifractic for posting this and putting this to bed.
  2. codewar65


    That's awesome!
  3. I've been here for a long while but keeping it under the radar. I'm VERY interested in this project and have been following it for a long time. I have commits made to the ROM via github, minor still. I left the FB group as it was filled with endless wish-lists, conjectures, complaints, et.al. Interesting conversation, but rather unproductive. I'm here for hard news, facts, and development. Thanks for having me. And we expect snow in the month, we hope the ski slopes at Whiteface Mountain open this year and skiers here in Lake Placid, NY. Hockey has been pushed back a year due to COVID-19. *tips hat*
  4. codewar65


    Or even Bil Herd.
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