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  1. The 65816 was an abomination IMHO. If it had full dedicated address pins, I might say otherwise. lol
  2. Esperanto? https://sites.google.com/site/windowskeyboards/Home
  3. I never got out of retro computing. I've been in since it was new and exciting.
  4. Looking at the page source, looks like it was written with Notepad and not FrontPage. Good work old man!
  5. It's hard to moderate an open forum with limited active community. I think going newsletter only might be their current plan. That way, they can cherry pick issues for the next issue, while avoiding troll flames.
  6. Same. A ran a four node T.A.G. BBS out of Barre, VT back in the early 90's. On FidoNet and DoorNet fbackbones. Fun times.
  7. Waterloo on the SuperPET. *warm fuzzies* BASIC, Pascal, and FORTRAN. They never offered APL at my college. I did take up COBOL at university and ended up do stupid Y2K stuff at a job decades later...
  8. Apple's garage computer was a piece of wizardry. Woz made an amazing machine with what he had. Jobs made the world eat it. I was picked out to help my high school select a system for our first computer lab back in the early 80's (I was one of a few kids in school who already owned a Home Computer). Tandy vs Apple vs Commodore. I picked the Pet as it was a serious machine (i've seen all three in action and specs); the school (as did many) ate the Apple. Because of educational discounts to indoctrinate the youth to continue to eat the Apple. We still see the effects to this day. Apple = Eye candy. Get a real system. The 6809 was a wonderful processor that I have worked with. With the (indirectly with the SuperPet SP9000) and with coding the chip directly. I wish it took off. Really.
  9. If the 6809 sold at the same price or less than a 6502, would Sweet16 even exist?
  10. The 6809 was a wonderful CPU. As much as the 6502 is. I know more 6502 and the 6809, but the 6809 was: New Old Stock.
  11. Gathering resources, equipment, and foo to start breadboarding my own 8bit here. A VERA would solve a ton of issues. Circuitry to drive video can be bigger than a main system using available off the shelf.
  12. Personally, I think the team should stick with just phase-1. Get one flawless solid product out the door, in kit form or finished, then expand from there. Many things learned in going phase-1 will alter future branches. The X8 sounds like a whole different product. It'd be like asking the C=64 user base if they would be interested in a C=32. Why?
  13. 'Dumb' terminal is a term, for a terminal. Some weren't so dumb. I am just looking to offload cycles onto another processor with dedicated capabilities, like how C64's 'talked' to disc drives with their own 6502s.
  14. I'm old school and love old dumb terminals! I was thinking of building a 6502 based VT100 terminal VERA. haha I was actually thinking of grabbing Ben's kit as well, but want to get a better breadboard setup. And writing my own terminal, I could 'add' my own special codes to redefine the character glyphs, play sound, sprites, etc. Even upload 65c02 code via ANSI to run as a background process and report back on a separate VIA port with results.
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