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  1. Basically the machine does not load Linux or other OS and then load the emulator, but the OS *is* the emulator, coded in assembly, and optimized to 'bare metal'.
  2. I am currently 100% Fedora with a LXDE DTE. I just want stuff to run. I don't need a lot of eye candy. I have not been disappointed.
  3. I just think it was a shame that the two only chip providers for decades was intel and motorola, and all others, until recently followed suit. There were so many great chip architectures out there that died on the vine because of market position.
  4. Only one piece of software. Spyhunter for the C64. It seeked laser hole protection on the disk and proceeded on error. I bit nybbled the disk to be seek track 39 instead of the bad track, thus error. Took a bit, many "WE PROSECUTE PIRATES" counter messages, but I was able to make a copy for a friend.
  5. I wrote a html5/javascript winsocket telnet client aimed at connecting to retro bbs's on the internet. I got asked the same questions. Some clients were not designed to run on phones, watches, belt-buckles, refrigerators, or devices without a dedicated output display and dedicated keyboard input. There simply is not enough screen real-estate, even for low-res projects, to include onscreen input for some projects.
  6. Many still confuse WordPerfect with WordStar. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordStar
  7. I am not interested in a x8. I will purchase the x16 and eagerly await an x32. LOL More is more.
  8. @RebeccaRGB's Latin-9P font could be used with special output routines if you want to display PETSCII and ISO at the same time in your editors. PETSCII-8 and Latin-9P
  9. 640x480 is about all the VRAM on VERA can handle; and about what a 65x02 @ 8MHz can handle populating the VRAM in a timely manner.
  10. We could have a prototype ready for Comdex 2021!
  11. As long as pop everything you pushed onto the stack and there hasn't been a stack overflow, you should be fine. There should be a jmp vector for a soft reset on the CX16, but I don't have it at hand.
  12. The only stupid question is one not asked. Good luck with your project!
  13. SYS calls a machine language subrotine. End your C with a return() or 6502 with a RTS. The BASIC will resume and execute the next statement after the SYS call. Assuming the state of the BASIC interpreter has been unmodified (ZP variables, etc) and the system stack is still intact.
  14. Same. My original thought was to transplant my 400 into a Unicomp Model-M, but it's not 1 to 1 keywise. If I had a hugeass 3D printer to make a custom case, I might try my hand at a real retro mod. I'm on the same boat as you. Waiting for a commercial custom case.
  15. The specs are all on that site. The keyboard is kind of nonstandard. I'm thinking you'd have almost use the same layout as the original 400. Maybe Perifractic could provide us with a LEGO RPi400 mod. lol
  16. In case someone was wondering, this site has a pinout for the keyboard ribbon cable if someone wants to case / keyboard mod their 400 with custom mechanical keys. https://www.40percent.club/2020/12/orthopi.html
  17. I used to write graphic conversion stuff in DOS back in the day. TGA is pretty straight forward.
  18. TGA (Targa) format might be an option. If you use simple run length encryption to some compact the image data. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truevision_TGA
  19. Loving my RPi400 so far. It's very portable and I've gotten connectors to connect it almost any display I can 'hijack' (DVI, VGA, DisplayPort). I've been inside it and see the keyboard ribbon cable appears to be a simple lattice for scanning key states and all the decoding must be on the main PCB. I'm sure there will be some engineering types willing to pull apart the keyboard and get a pinout. I could but I've have had real bad luck with screw/bolt modding IBM model M's and not willing to burn up $100. I will welcome a custom 3D printed enclosure with Cherry MX keys that would accommodate the RPi400 guts. Also, add an audio-out jack hack while you're at it.
  20. Civ VI is the only real modern game I still play. I used to be sucked into the whole MMORPG genre for years and have left, as it's all gone Asian-Easy-Mode pay-to-play with lockboxes, microtransactions, and no story. I've recently moved off of Windows and have adopted Linux. The Bad and the Good?: Fewer games and a target rich environment for game developers. Same with any platform that gains popularity.
  21. My 400 should be here in a few days. Planning on a case mod to either recolor (purple/white not my thing), or transplant the psb into custom mechanical keyboard. Anyone know the pinout on the keyboard ribbon cable? I could trace it.
  22. I made the plunge. I found a place that had one in stock and snagged it quick.
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