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  1. I think it should be standardized how a serial port is connected and used from software even if it isn't connected from start.
  2. Yes, it's fixed in the first post here, but the table is still wrong on the file download page: https://www.commanderx16.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/62-simplest-sound-effects-library-for-basic-programs/
  3. They have figured out the keyboard-matrix of the Raspberry Pi 400 (similar to the Official Raspberry Pi keyboard) which is good since I would like to make my own keyboard controller for the Official Raspberry Pi keyboard.
  4. Here is my desktop on my Raspberry Pi 4 B 8GB RAM with two screens and Raspberry Pi OS. I have the official red and white Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Mouse, and the official power supply, and the official red and white case, which is too hot so I have to run it with the lid off. I should buy a passive cooling case, but it has to work with WiFi, e.g. the FLIRC case. I also have a laptop with Windows 10 Home 20H2: LENOVO ideapad 100-15IBY and that also has an extra screen. I run BOINC with COVID-19 research on this Raspberry Pi, and on two other Raspberry Pis -- that explains the rather high CPU load and temperature.
  5. I have the red and white Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard (UK model) and Mouse, and the keyboard has the same ribbon cable as the Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard, because it is the same keyboard except for some printing (e.g. ScrLk is power). Somebody replaced the keyboard on the Raspberry Pi 400 with the black Official Raspberry Pi Keyboard (DE model). I'm also interested in the pinout of the ribbon cable because I thought of developing my own keyboard controller using e.g. an Arduino. Now the keyboard controller is using a one time programmable (OTP) microcontroller: Holtek HT45R0072.
  6. Is it possible to write stand alone Forth programs using this VolksForth? I.e. they should be possible to autostart using the emulator without having to type anything in Forth. Preferably it should be one file with VolksForth baked in, but if that is not possible some program that loads VolksForth and the Forth program automatically.
  7. In the nano editor for Linux you can choose to save as old Mac format (CR=$0D), but default is Unix format (LF=$0A).
  8. CR as end of line was also used by Apple II/III and Mac OS 9 and lower. There are a lot of conversion programs for this text file standard, so I guess it's best to not change if one want X16 to be compatible with C64 and PET. In Linux/Unix exists unix2mac, mac2unix, unix2dos, dos2unix, see man unix2dos.
  9. Yes, it worked with both PRG-files in a zip-file and it chose the right one automatically, but if it chooses wrong you can edit it afterwards.
  10. If you have a project that requires several prg-files, can that use the "Try it now" button on this site? How do you do that? I have e.g. ARITM.PRG that could load EFFECTS.PRG at $400.
  11. Yes, both EFFECTS and EFFECTSHI works for me in Aritm now. In order to use it with the "Try it now" button one would have to be able to upload disk images or have some way of including the sound effects library in a single file with my BASICv2-program. Edit: The "Try it now" button for Aritm with sound works now. I put both files in a zip-file and updated. It automatically selected the right file, but if it should choose wrong you can edit which file is the main program.
  12. It's a limitation since you need to insert line-breaks. The source you paste from doesn't always have line-breaks (CR). A related topic: In GForth they type "compiled" when they reach new-line (CR) and the definition is not finished, e.g. The "compiled" is useful feedback.
  13. Can you write mutually recursive functions in this Forth? I noticed DEFER, IS, and DEFER@ doesn't exist. https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Mutual_recursion#Forth
  14. A limitation is that you cannot have definitions longer than 79 characters without newlines. I had: but had to change it to: But you can have it on several lines: I pasted in the long lines.
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