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  1. X16&C64 Keywords & Abbreviations Quiz

    This game quizzes the player about the abbreviations for the Commander X16 BASIC v2 keywords including VIC20 and C64. If you know these abbreviations you can code BASIC for X16 and VIC20/C64 faster and write more code per line. First the program figures out the keywords and abbreviations for the exact release of the ROM. Then you are offered the quiz. The quiz is timed and the errors are counted. If you give the wrong answer you get that question again directly.
    C64 mode: You can stop the program by pressing the Esc key before the quiz, then type SCREEN 255:RUN 64 and press Enter to only be quizzed for C64 keywords. (VIC20 keywords are identical to C64.) 
    The game X16&C64 Keywords&Abbreviations is tested with R38 (Try it now) and R41, but may work with later releases. The program is FOSS (license GPLv3) and the source is included in the zip-file, but is also on GitHub: https://github.com/mobluse/chargen-maker
    Command line:
    x16emu -bas KEYWORDSABBR.BAS -run -echo
    By using -echo you can copy the generated program and load it in x16emu and check that the abbreviations really expand correctly.


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  2. DECPS Player - VT520/VT525 Play Sound Simulator

    DECPS is an escape sequence to Play Sound (PS) on VT520 and VT525 terminals by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). A coming version of Windows Terminal will support this since a pull request was accepted. The corresponding issue had some examples and I converted them automatically to BASIC DATA statements for Commander X16 with my Basicode-3 and -3C sound subroutine. The subroutine has extra features since it can also play polyphonic music by using other entry line numbers. This program can also play a chord for each note.
    I put all the examples in a file and converted to BASIC v2 DATA statements using this command line in Linux, and then I shortened the lines to less than 80 characters manually:
    sed 's/printf "\\e\[/REM DATA /;s/;/,/g;s/~\\e\[/1E4,/g;s/~"/2E4/' decps.sh
    There is a simple 1 to 1 relationship between a string for e.g. VT520 and the DATA statements in this program DECPS.BAS. The open source bas-file is also included in the zip-file and it's FOSS with license GPLv3.


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  3. Huge Character Demo

    Huge Character Demo prints all the characters in the ROM hugely: PETSCII and ISO8859-15 including ASCII. The faster version uses some new X16 BASIC v2 keywords: BIN$ and LOCATE, but the slower R38 version uses BASIC code or SYS PLOT to do the same. Both programs use the SYS FETCH Kernal function to read character data from ROM bank 6. It's the slower R38 version that runs using the Try it now button. The zip-file contains a version for R38+ and faster versions for R39+ and the open source code as text. This is FOSS with GPLv3 license. One could e.g. develop this into a program to print banners.
    This is also on GitHub: https://github.com/mobluse/chargen-maker
    I'm open to suggestions on how to improve the code and make it faster.


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  4. Aritm

    Aritm is a game that trains you in mental calculation. It only teaches what is necessary to know in order to calculate manually using pen and paper. It adapts and asks more about what you answered wrong before.
    Aritm is written in pure Commander X16 BASIC v2 and uses X16 control codes for text and screen colors, and has sound effects.
    Future versions will probably support larger text in game.
    Aritm is available for many platforms including graphing calculators, Java phones, spread sheets, and common retro computers.
    You can run using the "Try it now" button or from command line: 
    x16emu -prg ARITM-X16.PRG -run -echo
    If you exit the program you can LIST it and copy the listing to an editor.
    Aritm is open source (GPLv3) and is tested using an automatic testing system: https://github.com/mobluse/aritmjs


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