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  1. https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator/releases
  2. https://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_linux-r41_rc3.zip https://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_mac-r41_rc3.zip https://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_win-r41_rc3.zip
  3. This is RC3: http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_linux-r41_rc3.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_mac-r41_rc3.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_win-r41_rc3.zip All ISO chars are now reachable. As a bonus, Shift+Alt+k produces the X16 logo (in ISO mode). If I didn't break anything, I'll release this as r41.
  4. Agreed, macOS calls it "ABC - Extended". I changed its identifier to "ABC/X16", and the docs call it "ABC - Extended (X16)".
  5. I added µ to Alt+m and ¬ to Alt+l. This is consistent with the default US Mac layout and replaced dead/not useful keys.
  6. You are right! Those as well as µ are not reachable. (My auto-test code was faulty.)
  7. Belgian French (80C) and Belgian Period (813) are identical: http://kbdlayout.info/kbdbe - they only differ in whether their locale (fr-BE vs. nl-BE). (Yay, we have our first owner! Can you reach out to me off-forum so we can discuss details?)
  8. Wow, thanks for testing it all. These were all documentation bugs, which are now fixed. Alt+; = should be Shift+Alt+; = Alt+. ␣ should be Alt+x ␣ (Yes, Alt+x is a dead key) Alt+, ␣ should be Alt+p ␣
  9. The current build, r41rc2 contains a new default keyboard, US, no dead keys, Mac-like:
  10. http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_linux-r41_rc2.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_mac-r41_rc2.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_win-r41_rc2.zip Difference: Default layout has no dead keys, can reach all of ISO-8859-15 using (Shift+)Alt/AltGr.
  11. Thanks for everyone's suggestions; they were very valuable. Now this is the next thing I'm asking for: I would like to have an "owner" for each keyboard layout. Someone who uses the layout and can comment on whether the X16 version works as expected can help replacing important characters not supported by ISO-8859-15 with ones that are can help finding places where to put some remaining PETSCII codes For example, the auto-converter for Windows layout definitions has this to say about Hungarian: ; PETSCII C64 keyboard regressions: ; graph: '\xa4\xa6\xa8\xa9\xba' <--- *** THIS IS BAD! *** ; Keys outside of ISO-8859-15: ; '¤¨´¸ĐđŁłŐőŰűˇ˘˙˛˝' What needs fixing in this example: The THIS IS BAD line means that 5 PETSCII graphical characters still need to be assigned key combinations, otherwise they cannot be typed in PETSCII mode. "Keys outside of ISO-8859-15" means that on Windows, these characters can be typed, but the X16 charset doesn't have them. Which of these characters are important for Hungarian? The X16 charset does not have ő, but it does have ö – should we use that one instead? All owners will get an everlasting special entry in the X16 credits. This is the list of keyboards that I need help with: 1009 Canadian French 405 Czech 406 Danish XX409 US - Colemak 10409 US - Dvorak 40A Spanish 40B Finnish 40C French 40E Hungarian 40F Icelandic 410 Italian 411 Japanese 413 Dutch 414 Norwegian 415 Polish (Programmers) 416 Portuguese (Brazil ABNT) 41A Croatian 41B Slovak 41C Albanian 41D Swedish 424 Slovenian 425 Estonian 426 Latvian 427 Lithuanian IBM 807 Swiss German 80A Latin American Spanish 80C Belgian French 816 Portuguese Please reach out to me by Email mist64@mac.com or on the X16 Discord. Thanks! Please spread this message on other X16 channels so we can reach enough people to have one owner
  12. Yes, it's a problem that the default layout has something as important as the quote character as a dead key. r41rc2 will have a default keyboard with all live keys.
  13. Currently, it's a modifier key with state, like Caps lock. Maybe it should do exactly what F4 does, yes.
  14. Filed https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/issues/320 (for post r41).
  15. Can you check with r41rc1? I just tested these again and they work for me.
  16. Not a regression, but a problem with r40, too. Filed https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/issues/319
  17. These are only dead keys in ISO mode, not in PETSCII mode. I'd assume users will be mostly in PETSCII mode for programming, and in ISO mode for productivity?
  18. The keymaps are direct conversions of the official Windows .klc files. Can you check whether what you know from Linux is part of http://kbdlayout.info/kbdusx and https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/blob/master/keymap/klc/20409 United States-International.klc ? If yes, we have a bug. If no, we have to decide whether we want to have these Linux additions.
  19. I'm trying out release candidates before publishing the final r41 release. This is RC3: http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_linux-r41_rc3.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_mac-r41_rc3.zip http://www.pagetable.com/docs/tmp/x16emu_win-r41_rc3.zip Please test and report issues here. The final version will be released within a week. Release notes: KERNAL keyboard added 16 more keyboard layouts (28 total) Default layout is now Macintosh US "keymap" API to activate a built-in keyboard layout custom keyboard layouts can be loaded from disk (to $0:$A000) Caps key behaves as expected support for Shift+AltGr combinations support for dead keys (e.g. ^ + e = ê) PgUp/PgDown, End, Menu and Del generate PETSCII codes Numpad support Shift+Alt toggles between charsets (like C64) Editor: "End" will position cursor on last line VERA source/target support for memory_fill, memory_copy, memory_crc, memory_decompress [with PG Lewis] fixed headerless load for verify/VRAM cases [Mike Ketchen] don't reset screen colors on mode switch BASIC: BLOAD, BVLOAD and BVERIFY commands for header-less loading [ZeroByteOrg] KEYMAP command to change keyboard layout support DOS8..DOS31 (and A=9:DOSA etc.) to switch default device MOUSE and SCREEN accept -1 as argument (was: $FF) Changed auto-boot filename from AUTOBOOT.X16* to AUTOBOOT.X16 Monitor: fixed RMB/SMB disassembly Emulator: allow apps to intercept Cmd/Win, Menu and Caps-Lock keys fixed -prg with -sdcard fixed loading from host filesystem (length reporting by MACPTR on EOI) macOS: support for older versions like Catalina (10.15)
  20. The built-in character sets don't have Cyrillic glyphs, so supporting a Cyrillic keyboard layout wouldn't do much. Since keyboard layout files can be loaded from disk as well, and so can character sets, an application can be all Cyrillic quite easily!
  21. Yes, scancodes are pre-tables. If if you want to know the label on the key, you can use the documented scancode-to-PET/ISO tables that are guaranteed to be at 0:$A000. The the Programmer's Reference Guide for the layout of these tables as well as a BASIC example that accesses them.
  22. Added a few more: EN!US United States - Colemak - NL-NL Dutch 00000413 HR-HR Croatian 0000041A SK-SK Slovak 0000041B SQ-AL Albanian 0000041C SL-SI Slovenian 00000424 LV-LV Latvian 00000426 LT-LT Lithuanian IBM 00000427
  23. To switch to US Dvorak: KEYMAP"EN*US" Details: https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-docs/blob/master/X16 Reference - 02 - Editor.md#Keyboard-Layouts
  24. Thanks for all your input. Together with data I have from 2019, I have compiled the following list, in the order that F9 will cycle through them: 00020409 United States-International 00000809 United Kingdom 0000041D Swedish 00000407 German 00000406 Danish 00000410 Italian 00000415 Polish (Programmers) 00000414 Norwegian 0000040E Hungarian 0000040A Spanish 0000040B Finnish 00000416 Portuguese (Brazil ABNT) 00000405 Czech 00000411 Japanese 0000040C French 00000807 Swiss German 00010409 United States-Dvorak 00000425 Estonian 0000080C Belgian French 00001009 Canadian French 0000040F Icelandic 00000816 Portuguese 0000080A Latin American The ROM bank is still only 2/3 full. Who can think of other useful layouts? Any comments on the order? The Japanese layout doesn't seem to be too useful, since the ISO-8859-15 encoding can't map any of the Kana characters, so it's very close to a US keyboard, no?
  25. Works as intended (same on the C64): In BASIC immediate mode, the APIs are verbose. Once you run a program, they are silent.
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