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  1. "You may remove this message if you improve the article or otherwise object to deletion for any reason." I say remove it and the ADVERT tag he added also. What could they do? Delete it?
  2. In BASIC... my goal is to create a status line at bottom of my screen to update occasionally and I will need to store the current cursor location temporarily while i update the line. Then return to stored cursor location and continue. I need to locate the current cursor position: HOW??? I am currently using this for positioning: POKE $30D, ROW: POKE $30E, COL: SYS $FFF0 I don't know if that is the best, but without a LOCATE command... its all I know at the moment. Enlighten me please!
  3. Awesome thanks... will try after work.
  4. If I create a basic program and save it to the SD card it saves fine the first time. If I make modifications and attempt to save again to the same name it acts like it does it , but it does not actually overwrite my old file. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a parameter?
  5. Are the channel names zero indexed? (start with 0) VPOKE 1,$F9C0,255 // low frequency byte? VPOKE 1,$F9C1,5 // high frequency byte? VPOKE 1,$F9C2,255 // L-R-Volume VPOKE 1,$F9C3,%10000000 // Waveform and pulse width? So with my example above: this must be channel 0, with frequency set to $05ff (will have to look at the calcs and see what that is) The 1,$F9C2,255 being this: 255 = 1111 1111, so 11xx xxxx means Left and Right are turned on? and xx11 1111 means the Volume is maxed? Am I getting there?
  6. I cant seem to locate any address references in your ASM file that correspond to the ones i am using. Am I doing something totally different with a different "sound generator"?
  7. I have succeeded in setting up sound from BASIC using the following: 300 REM =========================================== SOUND SETUP 310 VPOKE 1,$F9C0,255 320 VPOKE 1,$F9C1,5 330 VPOKE 1,$F9C3,%10000000 Then later in the program, I turn it on and off: 4300 SP=TI+DU 4310 VPOKE 1,$F9C2,255 4320 IF TI<SP THEN GOTO 4320 4330 VPOKE 1,$F9C2,0 This all works fine. I will be honest I do not know exactly what each VPOKE is doing other than the $F9C2. Any help in understanding what is doing would be grateful. Secondly, I do not know how to increase the volume. I can hear the tone, but it is not as loud as I think it could be. Help! And last but certainly not least... how do I do the same thing in ASM? I know there is banking involved and could use some help. I have created a BASIC program to iron out the details of my program prior to attempting the ASM version. I have attached a copy for those interested. It is by no means finished, nor pretty. MORSE6.PRG
  8. Was primarily interested in the methods and addresses used to make the sound. I have need of a single tone, variable pitch and duration for my project.
  9. FWIW: It would appear that cc65 is showing some direct support for X16! This is from: https://cc65.github.io/doc/intro.html#ss6.4
  10. Tj from Virginia. What computer would be complete without some sort of ham radio programs... lets see what I can do.
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