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  1. Hello, For those those who want to use Visual Studio Code with Kick Assembler, I created an extension for VSCE: X16-KickAss. You can find the information here and download it directly from VSCE. All this was new for me. it was and still is an enriching experience ! Now back to learn X16 assembly Feedback and suggestions are welcome.
  2. I received my first computer, the Commodore 64 at the age of 12 back in 1986. Learned Programming Basic by myself, played with sprites and sounds but was frustrated not being able to make "real" games such as the ones I could play. I could not understand how it worked under the hood, no internet at that time and I had no connection to people "who know". The only thing about "Machine Language" was that knew it existed... Last year, I plugged my C=64 who was stored in the attic since more than 25 years to my TV, bought a new power supply, changed the fuse that had blew up and turned on the computer. The fascinating blue screen with the blinking cursor after the "READY." statement appeared instantly. Everything working perfectly! A moment of strong emotions. Now there are plenty of resources available on the internet and I can finally satisfy the curious child I was. Looking forward to the Commander X16 for the next step.
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