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  1. There are a couple for the VICE emulator: ICU64 and C64 Hilbert memory viewer.
  2. On the sotware side, how about NXtel? https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/wiki/FAQ
  3. So very true, if I had a dollar for every piece of kit that I damaged I'd still be massively out of pocket
  4. Here is a book on writing RPGs in BASIC, it includes code for VIC-20 and C64 so should be suitable for the X16. Write_Your_Own_Fantasy_Games_For_Your_Microcomputer.pdf
  5. That wooden tray looks very familiar, although I'm sure that the kit I had was just a 50 project kit and was made by Tandy. So what next? A microscope/chemistry set thread? What a bunch of geeks we are
  6. My A1200 was still my main (in fact, only) computer until 1999, although by then it was in a tower case with VGA graphics, ethernet, TV tuner, PCI slots, a PowerPC accelerator and around 10GB of storage. I used it for gaming, web-browsing and email, playing MP3s etc. In 1999 I got given a PC which was just about capable of playing Half-Life, that's what finally pulled me to the dark side
  7. I think you're thinking of KotOR II.
  8. He's known as flashjazzcat in the A8 scene. A very talented coder (and musician), he writes the firmware for a lot of the most popular A8 hardware expansions but his GOS is closed source atm, tied to those hardware expansions and still very much in the design phase: read the thread on it's development here.
  9. Two podcasts that I have been enjoying recently are Geek Therapy Radio Podcast and The Retro Hour.
  10. I was just following a hunch, it's been about 35 years since I last touched a VIC but I remember how problematic the memory mapping could be. Glad to be of help.
  11. Does Planet X require 32K total RAM or base memory plus 32K? It might be worth trying: planetx1_MVB0B1B2B3B5.prg
  12. That's very easy to do, a convertor doesn't cost very much
  13. It's a nice product, but very expensive even considering the mechanical keyboard, and the lack of PETSCII characters is the final deal breaker for me.
  14. Star Wars: The Old Republic may be of interest to you, you can play 8 well-written class stories plus 2 expansions for free, and solo, so you can dip in and out as you desire.
  15. If you are happy to read a digital version, https://commodore.bombjack.org has a huge library of magazines, books, manuals and newsletters for a plethora of 8 and 16 bit systems, not just those produced by Commodore.
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