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  1. I set up a dual-boot PC for a friend, 98 for gaming and XP for productivity. 98 was stripped down with 98Lite and XP was trimmed a little with XPLite plus the pagefile and a few services disabled. Never had any calls requesting support. The PC was stolen a few years later but my friend still remembers it fondly.
  2. Not really, I don't use Android for gaming, emulation or any kind of office tasks (spreadsheets, word processing, CAD, email etc.). An Amiga can fill all of those needs. As for banking, I use it once or twice a month. Using an Android device, especially one as old as mine, doesn't seem like cheating to me. I'm more likely to use it when I'm not at home, it's never going to be my main device.
  3. Facebook and YouTube would be out of the question, but there are plenty of sites that work fine with Amiga browsers, such as Aminet and English Amiga Board. I can live with that.
  4. An Amiga 1200 with ethernet, VGA graphics, '030 CPU and 16MB of RAM. Modest, but very usable for productivity and gaming/emulation ! These days, I'd opt for the Vampire V4SA!
  5. Got an Idea? Go for it! You don't even need to make a prototype, just design and put it into the public domain! Get feedback from the users, learn as you go, everyone is a winner!
  6. As I have said before, in this thread or another, I truly believe that this is the future of "retro"/vintage/custom computers. Make your own FPGA core, then design your own case. You can even make your own keyboard. I love the design, but not the colours, but hopefully this is just the start !
  7. Lee has created a new case, this time for the MiSTer Multisystem:
  8. Any computer can enter the demoscene, it really depends on the creativity of the demo crew and your expectations of a demo.
  9. I really like the MEGA65, both for it's recreation of the C65 and as an open FPGA platform, but I do question some design decisions, such as: Why include a floppy drive in 202x? Why have the joystick ports at the side and not at the back? Why no USB or PS/2 ports for a mouse or cheap gamepad? I still want one though!
  10. That's Amiga for you! Well, keep going, us nerds need more hardware pr0n
  11. I've had this nagging thought since I first read this thread, that I've seen something similar. I suddenly remembered what it was: Yours definitely looks more polished, but I'm really loving how FPGA technology and 3D printing are allowing end users to skip the industrial design phase and go straight to making their own dream machines.
  12. "Retro" computers were where I started my journey into modern information technology, and I always had a "retro" system around, 15 years ago it was my Amiga, now it's a collection of 6502 based machines.
  13. Swap the white keycaps for black ones and I'd be drooling until I was dehydrated!
  14. Whilst waiting for the X16, I thought some of you might be interested in checking out the Cerberus 2080, an open-source dual-CPU 8-bit computer developed by Bernado Kastrup. Featuring a Z80 and 65C02 running at up to 8MHz, 64K of RAM and SD card storage, the entire design process is documented in a video series on YT. A shorter video series is available for those that just want to check out it's capabilities. The project homepage is here, and the YT channel is here.
  15. The X16 version of PETSCII Robots is looking very nice, who did the graphics?
  16. There are a couple for the VICE emulator: ICU64 and C64 Hilbert memory viewer.
  17. On the sotware side, how about NXtel? https://github.com/Threetwosevensixseven/NXtel/wiki/FAQ
  18. So very true, if I had a dollar for every piece of kit that I damaged I'd still be massively out of pocket
  19. Here is a book on writing RPGs in BASIC, it includes code for VIC-20 and C64 so should be suitable for the X16. Write_Your_Own_Fantasy_Games_For_Your_Microcomputer.pdf
  20. That wooden tray looks very familiar, although I'm sure that the kit I had was just a 50 project kit and was made by Tandy. So what next? A microscope/chemistry set thread? What a bunch of geeks we are
  21. My A1200 was still my main (in fact, only) computer until 1999, although by then it was in a tower case with VGA graphics, ethernet, TV tuner, PCI slots, a PowerPC accelerator and around 10GB of storage. I used it for gaming, web-browsing and email, playing MP3s etc. In 1999 I got given a PC which was just about capable of playing Half-Life, that's what finally pulled me to the dark side
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