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I'm from the Aland Islands, a Swedish speaking part of Finland.

Growing up, my first computer was the Swedish made ABC80. It had a Z80 processor and a nice, as I remember it, built-in BASIC.

After that I got a C64 and continued BASIC programming.

I think I first read about assembly programming in some issues of Compute!'s Gazette that I had loaned from a friend. After that I was really hooked on learning assembly. This might have been in fifth or sixth grade, and my knowledge of English was not really up to the task. I remember that it was hard, but finally I got the hang of it.

I still enjoy 6502 assembly a lot, and that's my main attraction to the X16 project.

However, I'm just a hobbyist. My day job is being a lawyer, so be nice to me 🙂

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