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  1. X16 Edit - a text editor

    X16 Edit is a text editor for the Commander X16 platform.
    Design goals:
    Use plain text files Store text buffer in banked RAM (512KB to 2 MB)  Handle large texts efficiently Simple modeless user interface inspired by GNU Nano Implement basic editing functions well - refrain from making the program too feature-rich Support both ISO and PETSCII modes Tested with emulator version r38. Run with the following command:
    x16emu -sdcard sdcard.img -prg X16EDIT-x.x.x.PRG -run where x.x.x is the program version.
    You can also run the program with the "Try it now" button. There is, however, no attached disk in the online emulator, and consequently you cannot save or open files. Also, some of the Ctrl+key sequences are not working in the online emulator. To fully test the program you still need to download and run it locally.
    Please read the attached file romnotes.pdf if you want to try the ROM version.
    Source files available at https://github.com/stefan-b-jakobsson/x16-edit
    Released under GNU General Public License v 3 or later.



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  2. ROM template

    This is a template for ROM based assembly programs that you are free to use or continue upon.
    It's made for the CA65 assembler.
    Create your program code as normal. Of coarse, you need to place all variables in RAM and avoid any self modifying code. Include the file kernal.inc. This will: Create jump vectors for all "public" KERNAL function, and Set the IRQ vector in $fffe-ffff, so that the KERNAL interrupt handler is called. The file example.s is a small hello world test.
    The project is built with build.sh.
    The file example.cfg contains the memory segment settings needed by the assembler/linker.
    The source code is also available on Github:


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