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  1. I have two oscillicopes from Keysight (their cheapest series); one 2 ch 200 MHz scope and one 4 ch 70 MHz scope. Both have build in AWG which I like and think is very useful. InfiniiVision 1000 X‑Series Oscilloscopes | Keysight For DMM I have several Fluke hand helds (industry standard) and Brymen (just as good as Fluke, but for 1/3 of the price). I also have a current clamp from Fluke and one from Appa. Brymen – BRYMEN Technology Corporation For small portable pocket DMM I have a Sanwa PM300 and a Kyoritsu KEW 1019R. Love them both! For soldering I have an old Ersa and an even old Pace solder station, but they will soon be complemented with a new JBC CDEB. CDEB - Soldering-Assistant Station (jbctools.com)
  2. If that is true, why does it say "Copyright © 2022 8-Bit Productions LLC. All rights reserved." on the home page? This doeas not compute (if it is a fan based site, and not any official site by David and his company 8-Bit Production).
  3. Love RPL, RPN and all HP calclulators! Fantastically great devices, 10x ahead of TI and Casio!
  4. Tyan Tiger 100 Loved my dual Slot 1 machine with Intel 440BX chipset and SMP hacked dual Celeron 300A overklocked to 450 MHz. 2 x 450 MHz CPU in 1998 for a small amount of money (for what you got) thanks to creative hacking/patching och overclocking.
  5. Well, I personally think we pure retro enthusiats can see beyond the religious wars and appreciate all nice 8-bit machines for what they are. I never had any Spectrum as young, and neither any Commodore machine, but the Spectrum Next is an really awesome new 8-bit retro machine!
  6. Yes, at least on my Apple II machines it is Apple logo keys. Love them! Personally I would have liked Apple to continue with the apple-symbols instead of the ⌘ on my macs.
  7. Can not wait for mine! It is really such a fantastic little extremly well made retro machine!
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