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  1. After voting days ago "Don't release X8" I changed my mind reading all the replies on this thread, but I'm unable to change my vote on the poll. I'm in favor of the X8 selling, especially if it will help to fund the X16 project: I'll personally buy both especially if the X8 is almost ready to sell. Furthermore despite the few details, X8 seems a cool device to have. Thanks David and the whole team for the effort you're putting on this project(s).
  2. Hi everybody, I decided to port (rewrite) a python game I made a long time ago. I started by writing a commodore64 version using CC65, then I tried to port it to CX16; it works but there're some issues I need to fix before uploading to the software library. In the C64 version I'm using a custom charset, where every character tile has two defined color; to complete the graphics, I exploited the global two bgcolors (so 4 total colors per character, two defined for every tile and two global); I'm not sure if I can do the same thing with the VERA, still trying to figure out. Source code and precompiled binary for both c64 and cx16 are available here: https://github.com/dakk/alchemist64
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