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  1. Version 8.5 has been released. https://github.com/irmen/prog8/releases/tag/v8.5
  2. I know a great amount of games I had on the C64 had a standardized start screen! Here it is!
  3. what is this exactly? 6502 running at 10 mhz?
  4. Yes, that is a quirk in the old version that is still posted here. It has been fixed quite a long time ago in the github repository, but the author hasn't uploaded a new version here yet. You can compile it yourself pretty easily though if you want
  5. @borgar would you be okay with Petaxian being shown as part of a sort of public showcase for the X16? @Kevin Williams asked on the discord about this for "VCF Midwest 17" on september 10th. I've built a new version of Petaxian based on the current git master branch. (I am not sure if the version available here as download is still up to snuff)
  6. Version 8.4 has been released, <https://github.com/irmen/prog8/releases/tag/v8.4>
  7. Just uploaded a new version with an experimental API for external commands loaded from disk, at $4000 in memory. See github page for details about the API
  8. Here's "some" https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-rom/tree/master/dos It's very terse though
  9. cc65 is reading private kernal variables here and these change every rom revision. It's not a good solution. You should roll your own routine for now, I think. Depending on your exact needs, you could perhaps use the WAI instruction or use the official RDTIM kernal routine to access the jiffy counter.
  10. or just use a fixed convention such as "shell-cmds" and tell the user not to interfere
  11. I'd like to but there is no interface defined yet for such utility programs. Simply running them as a basic program is not feasible, I think (it would overwrite the shell itself, for one thing) and we couldn't find a way to "JSR" into a basic program such that on exit control flow returns to the caller.
  12. Well done on this progress so far And I think the character sprites are cute.
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