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  1. Looking good!! reminds me of battlesquadron on the Amiga one of my all time favorite vertical shoot em ups
  2. Version 8.1has been released! https://github.com/irmen/prog8/releases/tag/v8.1 Documentation here: https://prog8.readthedocs.io/ - API change: moved all integer trig builtin functions (sin8u, cos8u etc) to regular subroutines in the math module - API change: moved all floating piont builtin functions to regular subroutines in the floats module - API change: sum() builtin function was removed altogether - API change: max() min() and abs() now always return uword type. - API change: abs() supports only integer arguments now, use floats.fabs() for floating point. - compiler now correctly accepts string multiplication "xxxx" * expr where expr is not just a number literal (but still must be constant) - compiler now automatically converts multi compare expression (if x==1 or x==2 or x==3..) into a more efficient containment check (used to only give a warning) - compiler now gives a warning in many cases about shadowing symbols (re-definitions) - compiler now automatically inlines some more trivial non-assembly subroutines - added %option merge to merge module content with existing - improve checks for invalid pipe expressions - improve error message for invalid args to min() and max() - fixed superfluous printing of WARN and ERROR - optimized cx16.setcc() and setcc2() library routines - finished the 'virtual' compiler target codegen and the 'emulator' - several other minor bugfixes and improvements
  3. New version uploaded that can fallback to disk based x16edit if it's not detected in rom! you have to save the special high-ram build version of x16edit that loads to $6000 to your disk named "X16EDIT-6000" for this to work.
  4. I guess I'm the odd one out I'm using 64tass. It's the cross assembler version of what used to be turbo assembler/ turbo macro pro on the C64 natively in the past. It has a few nice features that I make use of in the code generation backend of the Prog8 compiler. Like automatically rewriting branch statements into a jmp when the branch offset gets too large, or vice versa, and automatically eliminating unused code blocks. It does lack a "linker" step so can't be easily integrated with code coming from elsewhere.
  5. yeah I can reproduce this , this somehow doesn't work as advertised. The obvious fix is to just use the LOCATE x,y command . But should the above not work as well?
  6. I agree. I hang out in the discord too I find it a nice place to be. As a commander x16 head or just a retro computing enthusiast in general. Quite a few things going on there, likewise here on the forum
  7. Wow amazing!! I have yet to beat the game, but I play mostly with keyboard on the emulator, which isn't ideal for this. Also, is that a D&D character sheet on the table?
  8. so many data statements, by now you can just as well just store all precalculated pixels and plot those
  9. Yeah that looks pretty good, I should probably change my text-elite trader program to use this screen mode as well. Square fonts just doesn't read nearly as well as tall fonts....
  10. @Stefan New version uploaded with the above suggestions and fixes implemented. The version in github just gained a self test option as well, that checks if all possible instructions are assembled correctly. But that's only useful when tinkering with the assembler itself.
  11. you can tell the emulator to write all text output of the screen also to the standard output, but that's about it I guess
  12. - the last line not assembled is if it doesn't end with a newline. I'll fix this. - what about checking if the chosen output file already exists on disk and asking for overwrite confirmation instead?
  13. Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I'm glad the x16edit integration works as smoothly as it does, really kudos to you making it rom-able in the first place! The 'smart' a sounds like a good feature and easy to add. Likewise a + r should be easy to add as well, however, what should it use as a filename to save the program to? Label scopes is pretty hard right now because the file inclusion mechanism is based on just inserting (unparsed) lines verbatim into the parser. I haven't given it much thought to make it smarter. I don't know what ca65 does regarding to scopes. About your suggestion: that would quickly hit the max length of the symbol names right now. So that has to be increased quite substantially (say twice) but that would also limit the number of symbols that can be stored. I have no idea what to expect about the number of symbols in large assembly files though, so this may not be an issue at all (or already is).
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