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  1. TextElite

    Imagine yourself, commander Jameson, in the cockpit of the Cobra MK-III with 100 Cr. in your bank and stationed on Lave, one of the more well known colonized planets. You're setting out to be a master trader and to get rich by exploiting commodity markets across the galaxy!
    This simulation engine is very faithful to the original procedural universe algorithms found in the actual Elite game.
    There are 8 galaxies to explore, each containing 256 totally different inhabited planets that you can travel to. Each planet is named, has certain government types and inhabiting species, and you can read a short description that characterizes the planet and what it is famous or notorious for.  Of course every planet has a commodity trade market, and you have to exploit the various supplies or shortages and price differences to make your fortune!   You can save and  reload your progress to continue at a later time.
    Source code here https://github.com/irmen/prog8/blob/master/examples/textelite.p8  Written in Prog8, converted from original C source code obtained from http://www.elitehomepage.org/text/index.htm
    (this game can also run on the C-64 if you recompile it for that machine target)


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  2. 3d wire frame animated spaceship

    3d animated Cobra MK3 ship from Elite!  Uses 16 bits integer math and has hidden-line removal..
    This is an almost 1-to-1 conversion of the same program I wrote for the C64, but it runs a lot faster on the CommanderX16 🙂
    Here is the (prog8) source code https://github.com/irmen/prog8/blob/master/examples/cx16/cobramk3-gfx.p8
    I haven't figured out how to wait for the Vertical blank yet, to reduce the flickering perhaps...


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