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File Reviews posted by desertfish

  1. Watched Ozyphanto's original version some time ago and was already amazed by that. This is one step beyond even !   Beating an Amiga , who would have thought

    Doesn't matter that it's only simulating the 3d effect --- it's the end result that counts, and drawing 2d lines / polygons animated this fast, is a feat in itself

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    Amazing job, I really appreciate the complexity of your game so far: programming these movement patterns and petscii graphics routines using prog8

    I love galaga and this could be a very fun game to play if it is fleshed out a little bit more, and adding some sound effects to it to top it all off   🚀

    Hence 4 out of 5 stars, still a bit room for growth


    edit: updated to 5/5 stars because the recent versions improved many things and sound effects have also been present for a while now!!

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  2. nifty!  I like the cursor positioning!

    The list on right-click looks less useful to me though (F1 already does LIST -- although without a colon at the end, unfortunately). Perhaps we can think of other functions that it could do and make it configurable to select which one you would want? (via a poke or something?)



    I'm a simple man. I see 8 bit era rasterbars and big ass fonts, I click like.

    Taking a few stars off because the animation of the letters isn't entirely fluid though.   But great job 🙂



    Pretty bare-bones lunar lander simulator, but I guess that's to be expected from a basic program of that era.

    I tried for about 15 minutes to land my spacecraft ('hard' difficulty) but this actually is HARD!  My best attempt was a crater 18 meters deep at around 340 km/hour impact velocity 🙂    Maybe I'll give it another go with the easier difficulty.  I've played this game on my Commodore 64 too as a kid!  I don't remember if I was ever successful at a proper  moon landing

  3. Wowzers! Raytracing still is black magic for me and seeing this done by a basic program of all things. Very cool.  Does take a lot of your patience hence 4 stars instead of 5.

    Rogue Forest


    I like the fog of war a lot, very impressively done

    However I'm finding the game impossibly difficult.  Even after picking up an axe, and being able to hit a minotaur with it for about 40 each hit, i didn't survive the battle. Usually because I am surrounded by other monsters too eventually. Unclear if this is because I'm bad at the game or that there may be a problem with the monster's HP or not, I don't know, but I've tried 5 times with the same result.

    Finally it seems the monsters are able to attack me diagonally, while my hero can only fight horizontally or vertically.  This makes it unfair when surrounded by enemies you cannot hit!

    All in all lots of potential but not really playable for me as it is right now.   Will be glad to retry an updated version to adjust my rating hopefully!



    Impressive, I particularly like the upgrades that are dropping down at certain times!  Reminds me of Arkanoid.

    I was expecting upgrades to come out of a destroyed brick instead of just simply appearing somewhere.

    Some upgrades didn't seem to do anything  such as the L ? I'm not sure though, have to replay some more.

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