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  1. cc65 is reading private kernal variables here and these change every rom revision. It's not a good solution.

    You should roll your own routine for now, I think.  Depending on your exact needs, you could perhaps use the WAI instruction or use the official RDTIM kernal routine to access the jiffy counter.

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  2. I'd like to but there is no interface defined yet for such utility programs. 

    Simply running them as a basic program is not feasible, I think (it would overwrite the shell itself, for one thing) and we couldn't find a way to "JSR" into a basic program such that on exit control flow returns to the caller.

  3. Dos Shell

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    A "unix" like Dos Shell with a bunch of builtin commands to make day to day file operations (much) more convenient than via a Basic prompt. Requires R41.

    Tip: save this as AUTOBOOT.X16 to your sdcard and it will load every time you start the emulator.

    Short description of the commands and Source code (Prog8) available here https://github.com/irmen/cx16shell/


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  4. impressive , how many instructions have you implemented so far?

    I have no idea about the performance if it's good or not though, I suggest running that same code through the fake6502 c code to see how it compares

  5. No on the c64 you could move the screen around in memory (with some limitations). There is a kernal variable that you could poke to tell the kernal the new address for the text screen as well.  only the color attributes were at a fixed address

  6. This is weird. Unlike the 6502 processor, the 65c02 processor clears the Decimal flag when an IRQ is raised automatically. So it should not matter for the routine what the flag was.


    Seems to be a bug in the emulator, where this doesn't happen. So basically it seems to be emulating regular 6502 NMOS behavior here.  --> here's the github issue I made for it.  https://github.com/commanderx16/x16-emulator/issues/414

  7. The amount of misinformation and click bait articles around this subject is saddening. I tried googling around a bit and came back a bit mad to be honest 😞

    For instance here is https://interestingengineering.com/the-esas-mars-express-is-upgraded-from-windows-98  claiming "After 20 years, the Mars Express spacecraft will get rid of Windows 98" which makes ZERO sense in more ways than one.

    Windows (no matter which version, but in particular the dos based ones that were extremely prone to crashing even when left alone) is not a fit operating system in any way shape or form for these kind of machines. Also spacecraft usually do not use an intel CPU, but rather special radiation hardened variants of MIPS or PowerPC, so good luck running windows on that. (Unless it is Windows NT 4 !) This is at least mentioned in the Toms Hardware article, but in a silly way by somewhat implying the probe uses the cpu from the bondi blue imac.

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