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  1. Thank you for the feedback! 

    Yeah I'm glad the x16edit integration works as smoothly as it does, really kudos to you making it rom-able in the first place!

    The 'smart' a sounds like a good feature and easy to add. Likewise a + r should be easy to add as well, however, what should it use as a filename to save the program to?

    Label scopes is pretty hard right now because the file inclusion mechanism is based on just inserting (unparsed) lines verbatim into the parser. I haven't given it much thought to make it smarter. I don't know what ca65 does regarding to scopes.
    About your suggestion: that would quickly hit the max length of the symbol names right now. So that has to be increased quite substantially (say twice) but that would also limit the number of symbols that can be stored.  I have no idea what to expect about the number of symbols in large assembly files though, so this may not be an issue at all (or already is).


  2. The discussion above prompted me to check the behavior of my File based Assembler and yup, it failed to assemble LDA $0024,Y as well thinking it is LDA $24,Y which is an unexisting addressing mode.   This has now been fixed, but was an interesting case!

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  3. On 5/9/2022 at 9:19 AM, TomXP411 said:

    If LDA $0024,Y is not assembling to $89 24 00 (or at all), that's an error.

    That should be opcode $B9 instead.

  4. I was able to build the web emulator successfully myself, however it didn't run because it stopped with a audio subsystem not initialized SDL error.

    I'm on Manjaro Linux and only had to install emscripten as additional package, then type make wasm

    After that it downloaded and built the dependencies automatically, generated a couple of web files including a big wasm file at the end. I also tried building the official r38 release that's on the forum and it had the same issue when actually launching the emulator. So it's an issue on my end, but the actual compilation is done without errors.  I know too little about emscripten to see where the problem lies.

  5. My goodness that 🇳🇱 Dutch layout.. is that official?  I can't for the life of me think of anyone here in the Netherlands actually using that layout.  I think everyone here is just using the default US layout (and usually on a keyboard with a small horizontal enter key, so the ANSI variant)

  6. I've decided to remove the plethora of integer trig builtin functions (sin8u, cos8u, ...) in the next prog8 version.

    My expectation is that if you need to use trig functions, that a tailor made implementation for your program is better than the general functions that prog8 used to provide.

    I think I'll move the old builtin functions into a regular library module instead, if you really want to use them.

  7. On 4/11/2022 at 2:52 PM, Johan Kårlin said:

    then a completely white and blank window opens and nothing more happens.

    This has occurred for other people as well, usually it was related to incompatibilities in the integrated graphics card of a laptop. Are you on a laptop? Try forcing the use of the discrete graphics card for box16 (if your laptop has one of these)

  8. Yeah I had to change several routines in prog8's textio library to to add $b0.  But application code doesn't have to deal with this, and started working again after I changed the library.

    Another way to deal with this is to use VTUI library which has just been updated as well for the new r39.

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  9. 👉  Version 8.0 has been released   https://github.com/irmen/prog8/releases/tag/v8.0

    Documentation here: https://prog8.readthedocs.io/

    A new major version release to commemorate the long awaited official "r39" release of the Commander X16 emulator and kernal roms.
    Some fundamental changes were made there that had to be reflected in Prog8's cx16 target and libraries.

    For current cx16 development, prog8 8.0 is required. Older versions won't work properly anymore.


    • support for the official r39 commander x16 release (new Vera memory layout, changes to rom routines, etc.)
    • updated cx16 examples to new routines
    • breaking syntax change: ** operator has been removed. Use floats.pow() instead.
    • make '&&' a parser error instead of treating it as bitwise and followed by address-of
    • library API change: moved pattern_match() from prog8_lib to string module
    • fixed string encoding for escaped characters
    • fixed bug in codegen for containment check in bytearrays and strings
    • fixed error for certain typecasted expressions inside comparisons
    • fixed return type error for asmsubs with >1 result values
    • [internal] new simplified Ast meant to build better code generators on in the future
    • [experiment] new 'virtual' target and built-in VM to compile prog8 programs for
    • [experiment] new syscall builtin function to interface with the VM


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