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  1. Updated again to cache the source file in memory, resulting in a large speedup because the file doesn't have to be read twice anymore. For now, source file size is now limited to 62 Kb because of this change.
  2. Not sure where you get the number 54 from, the primes.p8 example compiles to 923 bytes with the current version of the compiler Anyway I hope you can have some fun with prog8 and find it useful
  3. I've just released a BETA version of the upcoming Prog8 6.5 , this version should be used if you're targeting the new "V39" of the commanderX16. I'm using it to test my existing programs and write new code already for the upcoming cx16 release. The final 6.5 release will appear shortly after "V39" is officially released and then I'll add the detailed change list as well. Programs compiled with it may no longer work on the previous version of the emulator and roms, but I expect everyone that's writing new software to upgrade to "V39" real soon anyway
  4. not entirely sure what your use case is but if you want to run the emulator without actually displaying anything you should be able to use the virtual framebuffer server as well xvfb
    impressive, and i like the transparency effect
  5. Ahem let's just say I sailed many high seas, and that this screen was burned on my retina on the C64: Only when I earned some disposable income a few years later I could purchase more software but by then I already had an Amiga. At first though, most of the software library for that one was also duplicated from questionable sources.... so yeah, in retrospect, not proud of it, but everyone did it you didn't know any better as a kid. Also it was the only way to play things on the computer because we had almost zero $$ as a kid and my parents didn't support the hobby at first. All is good now edit: Double Hack'em is what we used mostly with dual 1541's to duplicate stuff while playing a game on the computer itself. Remarkable piece of software.
  6. holy crap Strider that's some dedication right there, I never did that and just accepted my loss after a good cry
  7. 010 turboloader 033 frogger 098 commandos 155 cybernoid 2 and then having to mess with this to get rid of the ?LOAD ERRORs:
  8. I should really reorganize my computer room as well and get a better desk and something for tidy storage.... The chair that I have is decent, not spectacular but not bad. It has most things adjustable including the arm rests
  9. Thank you. I don't know if you are on github, but if you are, that is maybe a better place to report bugs in prog8. If you're not, just post here
  10. A assume you're getting the following error: (it would help if you paste the error itself as well , if you find any in the future! thanks in advance ) Exception in thread "main" * internal error * java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed requirement. at prog8.ast.statements.VarDecl.replaceChildNode(AstStatements.kt:235) This one has already been fixed very recently in the master branch (that will become version 6.5) !
  11. No, I've just started making it a few days ago. Here's a little preview of what I've got so far: edit: ripped out the keyboard control and replaced it with joystick control. But having a bit of a problem getting the buttons state in a reliable fashion atm.
  12. I'm using VTUI for a game at the moment
  13. @Falken you can play the space traveling and trader sub game in text only mode if you really starved for elite content. However I confess it will get boring rather quickly without the 3d space flight, docking and fighting part...
  14. I'm sorry I didn't mean to talk down the idea. By all means it would be a great tool, for some tasks, just personally I don't (yet) see them That shouldn't stop you on this project ofcourse!
  15. oof, this sounds like a complex beast.... it looks useful for some complicated tasks, but at the same time, it feels like overkill for a simple 8 bit system. Do you really want to write shell scripts (this is my interpretation of what you're proposing) for the system?
  16. @CursorKeys if you plug in a Final Cartridge 3, the "DESKTOP" command will actually work and switch you into this
  17. My take on this top 5: (don't read down if you haven't seen the video yet and want to avoid spoilers on what's in the top5) ChaseVault. Well, what can I say? Pacman. This version is very well made, i'm amazed you managed to pull that off that early for the platform CrazyBoulders I find amazing as well because it's recreated a favorite 8 bit game of my youth (Boulderdash) entirely in Basic and it looks great and plays quite well, though personally I stick with either the original on an emulator or my own remake of that in Python. Maze is a fun little game because of its simplicity and I think the puzzle mechanic it is built around is quite fun. Easy to hop in and out and play a few puzzles in a few minutes. I like that sometimes. Invaderz looks very nice but personally I'm not a fan of space invaders, so haven't really played this. Brixx , again, what can I say, Arkanoid. However I've played many of these breakout type games over the years, and I can't really enjoy a basic variant anymore. My all time favorite I think remains TRAZ on the C64 due to its many extended features (multi paddles, horiz/vertical, many types of bricks and enemies...) Hats off to all authors! Keep m coming!
  18. is it even physically possible to have a non-power-of-two number of banks? Having an odd number of mem chips on the board somehow seems "off" to me (but i'm a noob regarding that so yeah)
  19. Updated the assembler, added the feature to save the assembled program to disk. (note that assembling is still done into system memory first as intermediary step, this is something that will be changed in a future version to allow to assemble larger programs)
  20. For what I can see, it is not mirrored via a vector in ram. The entry at $ff99 in the kernal's jump table directly jmps to another location in rom, instead of doing a vectored (indirect) jmp. Indeed a handful of kernal routines do the vectoring (not many, tbh), but MEMTOP isn't among those. Does this matter?
  21. I don't know what you mean precisely with the question sorry
  22. If you use MEMTOP kernal routine with carry set, it will return the number of ram banks in A: sec jsr MEMTOP ; $FF99 sta num_banks
  23. the GRAPH_xxxxx routines are all hardcoded to 320x200 i think.... that would be a pretty big task to fix all of them?
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