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  1. desertfish's post in Dark Theme was marked as the answer   
    I use the Dark Reader browser extension
  2. desertfish's post in LOAD"$",8 not working on sdcard was marked as the answer   
    try DOS"$   instead
  3. desertfish's post in Read disk directory in assembly was marked as the answer   
    Odd, secondary address 0 should and does work for me.
    The code that I use essentially does OPEN 13,8,0,"$"  -  read byte from channel 13 and print it to the screen, until break/error/EOF - CLOSE #13.
    (the printing is a bit more involved than that because it has to decode the block numbers)
    Are you sure you SETNAM/ SETLFS correctly?
  4. desertfish's post in DOS - device not present LOAD - OK ? was marked as the answer   
    I think you have to start the emulator with an sd-card image mounted for those to work.
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