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    Cavy's Quest

    My comments are regarding the version of the game uploaded today on Aug 26, 2020. This is a great start. I got stuck in the scene with the hay until I read the help about controls and used the hidden control bar. Later, when I escaped the cage, it gave me a thrill of success, which I don't usually feel from games in general anymore. This is transporting me back to a simpler time. The cavies are cute and their names made me smirk, especially Winifred. The music is soothing. Having said that, I'm currently stuck in the scene with the table that has the dog food and water. Nothing I click on seems to do anything, even using all the actions in the hidden control bar. Can't even back-out of the scene -- I'm a prisoner there. Since this is labeled an alpha version, I don't know if it's possible for a player to get farther than this or not. Back in the '80s or '90s, I gave up on these point-n-click adventures because it became too frustrating when I had no clue what to do next, and would spend hours trying a million things that didn't work. As simple as your game is, perhaps it could still benefit from a hint button in the top menu bar, that gives advice based on what scene the person is in... even when you (as the creator) think it's obvious. As for me, I'm new to X16. Downloaded the emulator just today. EDIT: You asked if I tried mousing over the table top. Prior to your message, I had tried clicking on the 3 boards that are in the center and toward the top of the table, which produced no result, thus I concluded that clicking on the table top does nothing. After your message, I noticed hovering the mouse pointer over certain boards of the table changes the pointer style. Then I removed the boards but still couldn't solve the puzzle. Found your YouTube video and then did what you showed, and that worked. To me, that's as random as can be, because a cavey would never be capable of doing those manipulations. Well, that's why I am bad at point-n-click games. What made more sense to me to try was to lure the goat over to the food dishes by "talk"-ing (chortling) at the food. And, bump the table legs to tip the containers over.
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