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  1. Some highlights: Sound Effects (BIG thanks to ZeroByte) Title screen Title menu Help
  2. Update: please check VLOG #2 for details. Some highlights: Added music: BIG thanks to ZeroByte for his tremendous work of recreating original tune! Added HUD: all things needed are visualized. Extra HUD: the gathered balloons are visualized Added animation: a police car hit by an oil can Added animation: score for eliminating a police car Added a new NPC: The cat with a flag Implemented almost the whole score mechanics.
  3. Version 0.3


    City Connection for x16 Initial vlog: Update: VLOG #2 Update: VLOG #3
  4. City Connection View File City Connection for x16 Initial vlog: Update: VLOG #2 Update: VLOG #3 Submitter Squall_FF8 Submitted 09/10/21 Category Games
  5. You want to make the meat - an API that will do the heavy lifting to produce different effects, so an UI could use that to make/play music. In that regard what is music - a sequence of this API calls in timely manner. Obviously you can do that by hard coding it, which maybe ok for short sequences like sound effects, but bad for longer ones. That is why you need a standard - specification of what commands in what format will be used by the player to transform them in API calls. And that is where the file format comes into the play - it describes how the commands will be placed in linear memory (RAM, files). That is why it is important to create such standard/format, so an artist can deliver/spread his work in a transportable way. Imagine Photoshop without exports/saves - what good to have all that effects, layers, tools (and the API behind), if you can't deliver the result? Hehe it might be cheap way for you, but was excellent way to grab my attention BTW in your experience what is the potential of CONCERTO for creating synthesized sound effects, like gunshot, collision,...?
  6. Woah so much work is done. That seems like the most comprehensive music project that target musicians. Excellent work! It is good to hear that you are still working on this! That makes me eager to see the changes BTW in the demo video there is Demo1/Demo2 buttons with nice tunes, which suggest some sort of file format. Skimming trough your source I didn't see the specification for that format, or any routine that plays a continues data. Is such format and API function exists?
  7. From all that I have read, YM has a major flow - writing to a register require the YM to be ready. That ready state on real hardware is around 156 CPU cycles at current configuration. I bet even with all extra VERA overhead PSG writes takes less then that
  8. This project seems very promising! In general I agree - the productivity on a contemporary computer is much better then using directly x16, even if it is emulator. So you made a tracker for a PC that can produce a demo like included file. Where can we see that tracker? Screenshots, video, the tracker itself? Also how did you produce the music in the .prg file - did you transform/decode existing format or you manually loaded the values in your tracker?
  9. I tried the demo, but couldn't see the effect, maybe because there is only a .prg file in the download. BTW is this a new version? I'm sure I have seen something like screenshots before.
  10. Although BASIC is slow, using some asm routines for heavy CPU things might keep the BASIC useful. BTW Very lovely PETSCII artwork!
  11. I tried a random mod not included in your distribution and it worked fine! Not perfect but that is to be expected (not all things emulated). I would suggest to stop all channels before you repeat a song, because many times a voice play a note at the end, but nothing at start and that carry on and disturb the music till a note appear P.S. Is there a way to stop/pause the music? {pressing a key from keyboard would be nice).
    Just tried it, and it's awesome!!! The music, the GUI - excellent work! t gives me that vibes that it did when mod was a thing
  12. Cool demo! Excellent work! BTW you are killing me with this code: Is it copy protection or just to save 1 byte?
  13. Cool idea! I would suggest before you start implementing goodies, try to finish essentials - what makes something an IDE: Editor - yours seems pretty good. Things like syntax highlight, suggestion/auto-complete, hint on mouse pointing - are things that we got spoiled Compiler - not only to compile the code, but to visualize in the editor errors (position it at the wrong line, underline with red,...) Run the resulting file Debugging - breakpoints, step in,... (optional) Project file - to hold all folders references, used files, resources, compiler settings,... (optional) Help - contextual help is the most desired (like hit F1 and get help on commands, on references, ...). You can include some general info - VERA registers, X16 Kernel, PSG spec, 65c02 Instruction set, ... You have done many of these, good work! If you manage to pull all above you will be on par with contemporary IDEs that cost thousands And last but not least: stay away from editors (except the one for code)! This will suck your time and energy just to find out that almost nobody uses it, simply because there are plenty free and commercial that do better job (and users know and prefer at least one of them).
  14. Awesome, thanks! I'm curious, were you able to do some music for X16? If so what tools have you used?
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