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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to share a link to a project I've been working on in my spare time. I was interested in writing an assembly compiler and an IDE for the X16. It's pretty much done, but I need to do some more bug fixing before I upload the code as there are a few glitches to fix. There's a 65(C)02 Assembly Sub Compiler I wrote from scratch with syntax influences from Assembly/Java/C++, with inline Java/Groovy code support, and built in VERA commands. There's also some handy Huffman compressor/decompressor functions for general byte files and VERA tile, sprite, and map data upload. The other repo is PixelCodeX16, an IDE for editing "images" and code, which you can see in the video if interested. I intend to upload the files eventually after fixing a few bugs, and if there's enough interest that might spur me on even more. I'll post an update as soon as I get the code online. video 1.mp4
  2. Unless I'm mistaken (I WAS !) the VERA docs seem to show the wrong addresses for DC_HSTART, DC_HSTOP, DC_VSTART, DC_VSTOP (and the rest presumably) Should not DC_HSTART be $9f2D, etc. Wanted to check as trying to understand how to change screen layout. I managed to switch to 320x240 by setting DC_HSCALE and DC_VSCALE to 64, but I'm having trouble settings the left/right, top/bottom boundaries. UPDATE I needed to set the DCSEL flag to change screen layout, which is actually hinted at in the docs (DCSEL=1).
  3. I'm learning VERA hardware programming, mainly in assembler but via BASIC where investigation may help. In BASIC the VPOKE command pokes video ram. But I'm unsure about the bank parameter. Experimenting with VPOKE bank, address, 1 it looks like valid values are: 0 <= bank <= 255 0 <= address <= 65535 But VERA only has 128k RAM, right? So are banks 0 and 1 only used at present ? Are bank values >= 2 superfluous ? I'm just trying to understand how the hardware works and the fact that BASIC doesn't complain if bank >= 2 made me wonder if more than 128k was available somehow...
  4. Hey there, Lived in Rotherham as a teen, the home of Krisalis Software on Moorgate Road in Rotherham town centre, and Gremlin Graphics not too far away in neighboring Sheffield. Micro Fun in Rotherham market was where we bought our tapes like Creatures I and II. Programmed the C16, Acorn Electron, BBC Micro and the C64 and dabbled with Assembly language (using Assembler 64). Journeyed through Amiga, Windows PC, Linux based PCs from 2010, and now Mac/Linux from 2021. Currently maintain my C++ core Android / iOS game editor and engine, and writing games for Android and iOS.
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