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  1. Soo im thinking of learning assembly and the X16 seems to be a good way. Soo anything like a guide to the basics and software that i can use to make the code. PS: i know it may be way faster to make code in C and compile it but i want to learn something new. Thanks for the help :)
  2. Wel i contacted the developer and no response yet but ill update this thread is anything happens! :) Tho i call out for anyone else who has enough experience with android or IOS app making to be able to make a mobile version of the emulator
  3. How'd someone go about trying to update it?
  4. So i don't know if this is the best chat to put this question in so if it's in the wrong place sorry. Is there an emulator version that works on android? I want to do some testing and im bored in a long train ride so is there a way for me to run the emulator on my phone?
  5. Are there gonna be empty circuit boards and components separately so you can do it at home?
  6. My name is Kevin and i like programming for old 8 or 16 bit computers the sheer amount of control over the hardware is so much different then today's high level programming. I also like the challenge of overcoming the limitations of the system it aint easy to write efficient code but the satisfaction is way bigger. I cant whait for the Commander X16to come out i think ill buy the phase 1 version because ad the 8-bit guy said it will be hackable and i cant whait to mess around making games and expansions for the X16. Keep up the good work! - Kevin
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