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  1. I definitely understand too little of this, so every tool is most welcome. Thanks for the reference to Dusans simple library. He includes a laser gun and that is exactly what I need for now : ).
  2. I have to learn more of how all these things work and see if I can use Deflemask. I have used a simple BASIC program for figuring out sound effects in the format I give an example of. It’s quite easy to make a gunshot or an explosion and simple tones, but then it quickly gets hard … It would be great with a developed SFX side in ZSound! I hope you will find help.
  3. How do you compose PSG sound effects? What I do right now is guessing and trying over and over again until I get something I can live with. This is for example my explosion sound: .explfx !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 63, NOISE + 10, 8 ;low freq, high freq, pan + vol, waveform + wavelength, jiffies_count !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 63, NOISE + 20, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 48, NOISE + 30, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 48, NOISE + 20, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 32, NOISE + 10, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 32, NOISE + 20, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 24, NOISE + 30, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 24, NOISE + 20, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 16, NOISE + 10, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 16, NOISE + 20, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 8, NOISE + 30, 8 !byte 249, 10, BOTH_PAN + 8, NOISE + 20, 8 I set the PSG registers according to every row for 8 jiffies (last column), then change to the next. This "recipe" of 12 rows each lasting 8 jiffies result in an explosion lasting for about 1.5 s. Is there a better way of composing effects than just experimenting? Does anyone have sound effects to share in a format similar to this above?
  4. I will try this! I don’t know if it will work well but at least it has VGA and 640x480 as native resolution.
  5. I might be grasping this slowly but is the right size a mini-atx or a micro-atx case? If I google for micro-atx cases they are mostly quite expensive and big with space for a large PSU. I would prefer the simplest and smallest solution possible with a small separate power supply.
  6. Did you have a chance to look more into this afrer waking up? If the calculations aren’t too complicated, I think 48 pixels sprites is a good suggestion. Breaking existing software is not a problem as I see it. We all know we write software for a prototype.
  7. At last, I can use an English phrase I learned here on the forums some time ago: I stand corrected : ).
  8. A16x16 sprite with 16 colors requires 128 bytes. Let say it is animated with 8 frames, that is just 1 KB. Code for displaying it and move it around will be less than 1 KB even if you include maybe a sine table for help when trying to imitate how a butterfly flies. In other words this can fit easily in a RAM bank and also in golden RAM (4 KB).
  9. An idea is to have some official quality mark that can be given to software that meet certain demands. Those games/programs that are acknowledged can then have a certain title screen or badge in common. Compare for example how all Apple Arcade games start with a very short animated logotype intro. After that they all look very different. This could also be very motivating for developers in our community to make finished and stable products.
  10. Sorry for my late answer. That is exactly right. When vblank is triggered the active and inactive buffer switch places. Then I update the inactive one. If scrolling for example to the right I use hardware scrolling for 15 pixels, then I update all tiles on the tilemap that can be seen when the buffer is active. Here I benefit from the higher processor speed compared to a C64 which gives me plenty of time to do this. 8 Mhz makes a huge difference compared to 1 Mhz … Am I making myself clear?
  11. It is indeed for r41. Good point, I have disabled the button.
  12. Version 1.1 is released. Now there are other cars on the roads. Avoid them or you will lose valuable time! Music is also added with the help of ZSound. Thanks to @ZeroByte for this excellent tool! As everyone can see the graphics are crappy (and the music is stolen from VGM Rips ...). If you are talented in making pixel art or music, maybe you are interested in helping me? I hope to make this a really good and polished game by the time the X16 is released : ).
  13. I prefer text and pictures, at least if the tutorials are quite specific, if their purpose are to show how to do certain things like how to use sd images or how to disassemble hardware. You easily end up skipping forward and backwards to find the interesting parts, then pausing and repeating to really get how things are done.
  14. If you are lucky a map size of 128x256 or 256x128 is enough. VERA supports it and it will fit into VRAM (64 KB). If you want a larger map I think you have to do what I have done in Rally Speedway, start with tiles, then define blocks of tiles of a certain size and finally define your game world with a map of blocks. Then while scrolling you constantly calculate which actual tiles should populate the actual VERA map. By doing this I have implemented virtual maps (or what to call them) consisting of 256x256 tiles. Pretty cool but the code is complicated as well as the workflow for creating graphics.
  15. While years are passing and we all wait and hope to see a finished product to a reasonable cost, what if it would be possible to optimize the emulator and see if it could be included with RetroPie? Together with a Raspberry Pi case with some cool X16 stickers and the already finished official keyboard this would at least be a solitary product. I totally understand if many people find this meaningless because so much is about real hardware but we would be better off than now when we only have the emulator. This would open the possibility to for example build an arcade tabletop machine with X16 games.
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