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  1. Yes that is correct. the same happens with default palette. At startup the memory addresses from $1FA00 to $1FBFF do not contain actual color definitions, which is kind of confusing especially because older versions of Emulator/VERA did.
  2. I just uploaded PET font to my Fonts library.
  3. Haha nothing wrong with that. So far I built a skinny (light) font combined with original PETSCII fat graphics but might throw together other combinations as well, and of course the same combinations are possible also with Upper/Lower font and reduced graphics set. https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/fonts.html
  4. Maybe my implementations of Music Player and Simplest Sound Effects Library for BASIC programs could be useful to you. I go into some detail explaining how they work on my blog posts: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/simplest-sound-effects-library-for.html https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/music-player-library-for-basic-programs.html
  5. To shamelessly plug my blog... I covered how the character screen works, where and how tiles (character set) is defined and how to change it in this post: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/tiles.html
  6. Thanks for both answers. The usual suspects to the rescue To be honest I didn't even know that VLOAD is implemented so I didn't even experiment with it. I saw it mentioned in documentation with TODO comment so I assumed it is not there yet. LOAD does not work with loading data directly to VRAM and if there is dedicated VLOAD for that it probably shouldn't. There is no point to have two commands doing the same thing it just add unnecessary confusion. I think I will test VLOAD thoroughly in the next few days and probably write a short tutorial on how to use it after that.
  7. Has anybody recently (e.g. Emulator R38) tried to load binary files directly to VRAM from BASIC? It worked before but now it is driving me crazy and it just doesn't work. If I load the file to regular RAM it works fine with following for example: LOAD"TEST.BIN",8,1,$8000 The command LOAD"TEST.BIN",8,2,$8000 should load to VRAM bank 0, and LOAD"TEST.BIN",8,3,$8000 should load to VRAM bank 1 but it always just loads to regular RAM even if I try something like LOAD"TEST.BIN",8,8,$8000 it gets loaded to RAM without error. I tried changing first two bytes in TEST.BIN file between $00 $00 and $00 $80 and many other combinations with no luck. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the comment Mikael. It seems that there was some interference between effects library and some VERA related actions from BASIC programs, specifically in your case, scrolling of the screen. I added some code to save and restore VERA state inside the IRQ Player. I tried both EFFECTS.PRG and EFFECTSHI.PRG with your program and it seems to work without problems now.
  9. No worries, everybody has made this mistake at least once. If you have too much time you can read up following two posts on why it behaves this way: Mathematical explanation: http://www.righto.com/2012/12/the-6502-overflow-flag-explained.html If you want to go to the level of silicon: http://www.righto.com/2013/01/a-small-part-of-6502-chip-explained.html
  10. Thanks. I hope you can make it. Just share your progress and there is plenty of help out there. I myself do not come over here often enough but will try to follow this forum a bit closer in the future.
  11. Thanks. If there is specific topic you feel needs coverage I would be happy to dig into.
  12. I have covered most of the topics you are asking about in the series of tutorials on my blog: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/commander-x16.html I go pretty deep into explanations on how VERA works, different video modes, sprites, sprite animations, scrolling, layers and even some simple libraries to add music to your programs. Examples are written mostly in BASIC and some in Assembly but of course all the hardware related subjects are applicable to all programming languages.
  13. Interesting. It might be tricky to poke values directly because BASIC might be too slow and the player is called 50 times per second. Maybe try stopping the current sound by poking 0 into "running" first, change the envelope parameters and then start the sound by poking 255 into "phase". Obviously I haven't tried this...
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