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  1. Ahh pretty close then. Looks like we have a NorCal Commandos local chapter in the making.
  2. Welcome Mike. What part of California are you from? I live in Sunnyvale in SF Bay Area. Dušan
  3. I was just looking into it and this document says opposite: https://sta.c64.org/cbm64krnfunc.html Also function SCREEN returns width in X and height in Y I just posted it as bug and will see what dev will say.
  4. I tried it before and it looked like it was not working, now I tried it again and it works but it puts positions in opposite registers, Y returns column and X returns row number. That confused me before. It does the same thing when setting the coordinates.
  5. Does anybody knows how where might the last cursor position on screen when the program was started be stored (Assembly or Basic)? Thanks, Dusan
  6. Nice to meet you Julien.
  7. Hi All, My name is Dušan and I am orginally from Slovenia but live in Silicon Valley for last 20 years. During 80s I wrote few games for Oric-1 and played around a bit also with Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 and later Amiga 500. I spent most of my career as software developer, from PC/DOS/Novell times to various Unix platforms. I started on business software and later moved more to large enterprise system software in C/C++. Last 10 years or so I am on a business side of Software industry but in spare time my fingers still itch to do some coding so just to keep in touch I wrote some Android apps, some web apps in NodeJS/Angular, even some PHP and of course still keep my C/C++ and Java environments. Of course my orginal love for programming is 6502 Assembly and that is one of the reasons I jumped on Commander X16 waggon. I enjoy coding but even more I enjoy the design/graphics part of it. Few months ago I started my X16 blog but need to update all posts and most of source code to be compatible with latest version of Emulator: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/commander-x16.html I have pretty limited time right now, but I do hope to write some games for X16. Currently I am fooling around by writing a text editor and trying to implement gap buffer in 65C02. Cheers, Dušan
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Simple snake game in Basic. Just testing the forum but game should still work in last few versions of Emulator. Have fun More details about the game and full walkthrough the source code can be found at: https://www.8bitcoding.com/p/crazysnake.html Cheers, Dusan
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