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  1. Hi All,

    My name is Dušan and I am orginally from Slovenia but live in Silicon Valley for last 20 years.

    During 80s I wrote few games for Oric-1 and played around a bit also with Sinclair Spectrum and Commodore 64 and later Amiga 500. I spent most of my career as software developer, from PC/DOS/Novell times to various Unix platforms. I started on business software and later moved more to large enterprise system software in C/C++. Last 10 years or so I am on a business side of Software industry but in spare time my fingers still itch to do some coding so just to keep in touch I wrote some Android apps, some web apps in NodeJS/Angular, even some PHP and of course still keep my C/C++ and Java environments. Of course my orginal love for programming is 6502 Assembly and that is one of the reasons I jumped on Commander X16 waggon. I enjoy coding but even more I enjoy the design/graphics part of it.

    Few months ago I started my X16 blog but need to update all posts and most of source code to be compatible with latest version of Emulator:



    I have pretty limited time right now, but I do hope to write some games for X16. Currently I am fooling around by writing a text editor and trying to implement gap buffer in 65C02.



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