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  1. Perifractic, So...I'm actually on to my 2nd Commander X16 keyboard because the first one failed. Why? It got water spilled on it and I didn't know. Would have been fine but it was plugged in while still still holding a good deal of water in it. That's not covered under the warranty but I couldn't live without it so I bought a new one. Maybe I can donate my original to the Retro channel and you can do a repair video?
  2. This is the cool solution...if only I knew how. So...I have a soldering iron and a will to use it. Beyond that - I have no idea how to make this work. @ZeroByte do you have tips on how to make such a thing?
  3. I agree. DPADs are not my thing, for the same reason - I'm a joystick person. I think the SNES->USB connection or something like that will probably be the way I go.
  4. Oh that's interesting - never have seen that variation. I'll have to look into that - thanks!
  5. Hi - they're on the top, which frankly I like better. Not the same as the original C64 but with my 50 year old eyes, they're easier to read.
  6. Commander X16 Deluxe Keyboard by 8-Bit Productions LLC and Chloe Corporation 87-Key V3 Mechanical Keyboard - WASD Keyboards I haven't tried the emulator myself - I was so happy with this I just replaced my normal PC keyboard with this one! I'll probably order another one from WASD for my main PC keyboard once the X16 ships. As Perifractic says though, I'm sure it works pretty darn well with the emulator!
  7. I went with the silent red linear keys with the .2mm travel reduction. I'm always down for a quiet keyboard, since my wife and I are usually in the same room most of the time, and between the quiet keys and the heft of this keyboard, it's considerably more quiet than others I've had. The keyboard not bouncing around on the desk alone is a major help there. Already enjoying it - I immediately replaced my normal pc keyboard. This thing rocks! Thanks!
  8. X16 Team, Just to put a wrap on this one, my keyboard from WASD arrived today and all I can say is thank you for picking such a great keyboard company! I love this keyboard - exactly what I was looking for and well worth the investment. If anyone's on the fence about buying the deluxe keyboard, I wholeheartedly recommend it! Mark
  9. Thanks Christian! I appreciate the feedback. I didn't mean to break the rules with the bonus question. Suffice it to say the possibility is intriguing!
  10. I cannot wait for X16 to become available, and after long consideration, I went ahead and ordered my WASD keyboard. Please come soon... Now the questions: Will there be an option to order the X16 hardware without a keyboard for those of us who already have the WASD keyboard? I don't have any SNES controllers (having never owned an SNES - I had an Intellivision and now have an XB1 ) - what is the recommended SNES controller to buy these days for the X16? Preferred brand? More on the hardware side - I know the initial X16 will be offered as a pre-built computer - will that MOBO be filled with socketed ICs, or will they be soldered to the board? Can't help but appreciate all the advantages Adrian Black has touted on socketed ICs and the ability to easily replace parts that need to be. Bonus question: Any update on whether the X16 will be able to be bought as a kit? I'm definitely purchasing the first release (take my money now?) but I would love to also buy a kit to build on my own. Or two. Or however many my wife lets me buy. Thanks all! Mark
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