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  1. Hi all, I only recently got to updating VolksForth and subsequently cc64 to the prototype #2 bank switching register and the post R38 Kernals; today I have uploaded the new versions which run with the Kernal version R41. About the Kernal version dependency: Looking back I'm of course a bit unhappy it; it came from the use of Kernal variables, which on the C64 and C16 was somewhat natural to me and the prior authors of VolksForth, but of course it's not safe with a Kernal still under development like the X16's where the variable locations can still move. I've now replaced most of the Kernal variable use with API calls, but found one case where I still can't do without directly accessing IOStatus (currently 0x0289). I've opened x16-rom issue 333 with a suggestion to address this. In the meantime, I hope the current versions work well for you Cheers /Philip
  2. Fascinating! This is the first time I encountered the Z8 in something like practice - I knew about its existence for a long time but never saw it used, as far as I can remember. Amazing collection of material also at https://hc-ddr.hucki.net/wiki/doku.php/tiny. @Ju+Te, did you also use the FORTH system that is described there?
  3. Hi Stefan, this mostly looks right to me. One point: According to the C64 Programmer's Reference Guide, OPEN should return CS and error 4 in A on file not found. Do you have a copy of or link to that guide? Cheers /Philip
  4. I had an almost finished project from my university days sitting on some old disks and disk images and, this turned out to be important, as a binary upload on a few ftp sites. I had always wanted to finish it some day, and in the summer 2019 I received a nudge via facebook asking about that project that finally got me to pick it up again. It led to https://github.com/pzembrod/cc64 and my contributions to https://github.com/pzembrod/VolksForth.
  5. Since BruceMcF looped me in via the VolksForth mention: Hi Alan, welcome!
  6. You could also develop this in the direction of the Flying Spaghetti Monster game - fsmgame.com
    I love the original. And this one is pretty well done, too. What I would add is something like a game statistic - how many rounds you solve with how many tries. And of course a larger word list would be nice. I guess without using the banked memory (since the game can also be built for the C64) there are limits there. Maybe an X16-specific version using banked memory and a really large word list?
  7. Thank you from me, too, to all of you stepping up! Lovely to know the community is alive when hacking at X16 code.
  8. Hi all, I'm happy to announce that I have just released the next version (v0.10) of my Small C compiler cc64. The three main changes that v0.10 brings are ANSI syntax for function definitions, a basic libc, and proper support for _fastcall functions, with a related breaking change in runtime module .h file format. ANSI style function definitions (char f(int a) {...}) are implemented as a syntactic alternative to K&R style function definitions (char f(a) int a; {...}) with exactly the same semantics, i.e. there is no matching or checking of declared parameter types and actual parameter types in function calls. The new basic libc is based on PDCLib. Only a limited range of standard libc functions make sense on an int/char only compiler on the C64, C16 or X16. 18 string.h functions and 2 stdlib.h functions were ported from PDCLib, and 2 functions from stdlib.h, 8 functions from ctype.h and 12 functions from stdio.h were reimplemented in 6502 assembly. The cc64 libc is available in precompiled runtime modules libc-*.[hio], to be used instead of rt-*.[hio]. cc64 always could call a type of assembly-implemented single-param functions which need no own stack frame and get the param passed in a/x. v0.10 introduces the keywork _fastcall to declare or define such functions, as well as _fastcall function pointers, which weren't possible before. The related breaking change concerns the the format of how symbols are defined in the rt-*.h and libc-*.h files. There are now more parser unit tests, some compiler bugs discovered while implementing the libc were fixed, and binary sizes are now tracked in bin-size-register. For more details see Versions. Cheers /Philip
  9. Hi @Kevin Williams, @Michael Steil, I might be able to offer some help around the 65c22 bit-bang approach. It's unusual that this works fine at lower and runs into problems at higher clock rates. Just reach out. Cheers /Philip
  10. @Wavicle, did you see any indication where the DOS for the SDCard might be living? On the X16 it occupies an entire ROM bank, IIUC. Just realized that this would be tricky with only 64K of memory overall ...
  11. I've said it before and am saying it again: Give them a break. Also, you are starting to sound somewhat entitled, which probably isn't your intention. Careful hint : You may be, just maybe, overestimating the value of your so far released X16 software. David is currently dealing with a major shakeup of his project. He's asked a question 5 days ago to feel the water about the option of an X8, and could probably spend some significant portion of his time just reading and digesting all the replies he's getting here in the forum, plus keeping an eye on all the other discussions, such as this one. He has given us an overview of the X8's specs, and I'm not surprised at all if he didn't have the time yet to reply to all the questions that came up. It shouldn't be all that hard for all of us to muster the patience that is called for at the moment. See above - let's be more considerate of all the other things on the project owners' table at the moment. And keep in mind - they have day jobs, too. This here isn't really it, not even for David, IIUC.
  12. @The 8-Bit Guy Hi David, I don't have a clear opinion wrt your questions 2 and 3, but wrt question 1 I would say do release the X8 - I probably would buy one just because it's cheap and it's there. My main interest in the project at the moment is as a platform to develop VolksForth and cc64 for, and at least the former I would likely port to the X8. Regarding the X16 phases, I'm not sure what I would buy. I'm still attracted to self-soldering RC2014-style 65C02 machine, so I might fall into the camp that would consider buying a VERA Cheers /Philip
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