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  1. The retro computing and gaming "rabbit hole" has pulled me in many times, and I don't mind at all. I love modern hardware and a lot of modern games, but to be honest, the excitement just isn't the same for me these days. Back in the 80's and early 90's, everything just seemed more ... awesome? Not sure how to describe it. Ogden caught my eye. It's a name used in the Harry Potter books, specifically in The Half-Blood Prince. It actually means "Oak Valley". Huge fan of the series. Just one more bit of useless knowledge stuck in my head. lol
  2. That's really neat. Better than anything I ever conceived. I learned how to "mod" starting at a young age, learning from my dad who was huge into fixing old school electronics (TV's, radios, HAM's, CB's, Etc.). I got in trouble so many times for taking things apart around the house, but from that, I learned a lot. Back before Google, if I wanted to know what something was, I would ask dad. If he didn't know, we had our local Radio Shack where the owner was a guy he went to school with and was an electronics wiz. Used to love that place, especially those old electronic project kits, and all the bins of parts. There was something cool about drawing out your circuit pattern on a PCB, submerging it in acid, and having a board with all your traces when you were done. Then drilling the holes of course. So much fun. Like so many things, I just don't have the time these days.
  3. Yeah, I have big paws as well, so I am not so sure how comfortable the G&W will be, but I still want to play with it! That AtGames Sega Genesis is pretty comfortable, roughly the size of an SNES controller. Never had any of the knockoff handhelds to try, but have looked at many of them. I really need to get a 2DS, I have several DS games I don't play because I don't have the system anymore, and I also much prefer it over the 3DS units. I also agree, I don't collect to not play it, the playing is all the fun! I'm not a fan of letting things sit in their box.
  4. Those are really cool for the price! Personally, I enjoy messing around with the Raspberry Pi. I currently have one setup for 80's console emulation (Original B+). I kind of want a model 4, I want to see how far I can push it and I have more experience with them than Arduino . Plus, I really like the cases from: http://retroflag.com/
  5. Nostalgia is why I want one as well, and like I said above, I want to see if it's hackable. I am as much of a hardware geek as I am a retro gaming nut. I only ever owned the DK Jr. one. Though I have owned many other classic LCD games, I don't think any of them really stood up to the Game & Watch.
  6. I had a Donkey Kong Jr. one, that was sadly lost in a move many years ago (1990's). I wonder if the US release will be at the same price, looks to be about $60. Also, when you get one, I expect a video. Because PCB stands for "Playing Classic Bits". Right? Edit: I just seen GameStop has a price listed at $49.99. Either way, it will be worth it.
  7. Nintendo is releasing a "new" version of their classic Game & Watch handheld for Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary. I remember having one of these as a kid, and this new one looks amazing. Comes installed with Super Mario Bros. and Lost Levels, plus a remake of the original "Ball" game from the original series. Well, and it's also a clock of course, and a pretty cool looking one. I wonder if it will be in any way "hackable"... will it be emulated .. an NES SoC? I can't wait to find out once they release and people get a chance to tear into them. I want one! I am a huge fan of classic handhelds and the more modern "plug and play" style systems. I love my Sega Genesis handheld from AtGames, play it all the time, as well as the Atari Flashback series. Maybe I can talk my wife into getting me one for Christmas.
  8. My uncle is the one who got me hooked on computers, buying me the TI-99/4A in 1981 once he seen how fascinated I was with the one he owned. At the time, he was working as an engineer for McDonnell Douglas in St. Louis. After that, I discovered Commodore. My first VIC 20 was a used one we got from a local shop, the C64 was already on the market, and I was able to finagle one of those out of my parents for Christmas in 83. That held me over for several years, especially with the NES being released in 85. My next computer was a used Tandy 1000, followed by an Amiga 500. After that, the ones I have been privileged enough to own came well after they were outdated. Looking back, I was pretty lucky I think. I got many of my friends hooked, so I was able to use many more computers than I could have owned back then. As I said, the only drawback was the incompatibility between the different brands. Of course, once we had all moved to DOS machines, that became much less of an issue.
  9. A good friend of mine, who incidentally also lived out in the country, also had a Color Computer 2 16K I think. He was the one who got us calling them "Trash 80's". What sucked, until he got a VIC20, we never had the same machine, so we could never share software among ourselves. It was great when he got a C64, so we both had one, good times.
  10. Where to start... I am an old school tech enthusiast (and modern too). Growing up on machines like the Commodore VIC20/C64, Texas Instruments TI-99/4A, and the Tandy Color Computers. While I love modern PC hardware, and have been building them since the 80386 era, I often miss the classic BASIC powered, command line driven, machines of the 1980's. I still play with many of them, via emulation on Windows and Raspberry Pi, but my wife and I simply don't have the space for me to keep a collection of the original hardware. Then I heard about the X16 project and who was all contributing to it, and I have been following it ever since. I normally don't have a lot of time to mess around on forums and such these days, but I wanted to join this one. If I could own one "classic" inspired machine, then the Commander X16 would be it. It seems like it would be the only machine of it's type that would fit my needs and wants of an 80's style computer today. Speaking of 80's computers, I got my first one in 1981, the TI-99/4A, and from there my love of these machines grew. I was lucky enough to either own, or got to use via friends, several different computers back in the 80's, including the Commodore VIC20 and C64, two of my all time favorites! I moved into the Amiga line of computers and Tandy 1000 series before moving completely to DOS/IBM PC machines. My least favorite machines of the era were the Tandy TRS-80 Color Computers, I know they are more commonly called "CoCo", but my friends and I back then called them "Trash 80's", we just never liked them compared to Commodore. They grew on me much later, after they were long since obsolete, and today I wish I had given them more of a chance. Now I use all modern Windows based, Ryzen powered, machines for myself and family. Doing a lot of emulation for classic computers and consoles for the above mentioned reasons. Most of my console emulation is done on Raspberry Pi, and classic computer emulation in Windows. I really enjoy using VICE, FS-UAE, WinUAE, DOSBox, and now I messing around with the X16 emulator of course! I think that's about it...
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