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  1. Strider

    1980's Memes

    Or trying to repair it after it gets mangled or snaps ... splicing a section out with scissors, tweezers, and clear tape, hoping for the best. The copying it to a new cassette as quickly as possible. Data recovery, 80's style! haha Good times! My dad got me an actual splicing/repair kit back then, not sure where he got it, but it had a proper block, tape, and tools.
  2. I sold mine off over the years as well. Regret it now, but I also just don't have the space for it all. I didn't like CoCo's when the first came out, it wasn't until many years later that I rediscovered them. I wish I had given them more of a chance, they are indeed really nice systems. Yeah, prices these days are crazy.... was a time not long ago nobody wanted these old computers and they were dirt cheap, now they are in such high demand... Makes me wonder how many made it into trash bins... Kind of sad really. That's why I am excited about the X16, new "old" hardware!
  3. You can never go wrong with wood grain! LGR would love it! lol Yeah, OpenWRT is nice, as is Pi-Hole. Currently, most of mine are being used for emulation purposes though. Two of those are Pi 3B+ units running RetroPie (in Sega Genesis and NES inspired cases), and a single Pi Zero W sitting in a GPi Handheld Case also running RetroPie (Yeah, I really like RetroPie... lol). I have a Pi 4 8GB sitting in an Argon M.2 Case running off an M.2 128GB SSD, that's my "just for fun" and learning unit. Seeing what I can get it to do, mainly running Pi OS. My old Pi 1B+ is being used to assist with some Arduino projects. So they are getting used in one form or another. For me, "tinkering" is what I do to relax and have fun when at home. One of the reasons I started this thread was I got to thinking about that old ADAM computer and kinda wished I still had it to mess with, even with it's laundry list of issues.
  4. Sure! Odd, rare, and just plain bad computers are not confined to any specific decade. I have never even heard of a "Pi-Top" until now, seems like a neat idea, but sounds like it has some "issues". I run 5 different Pi's, but none in a laptop case, and I enjoy them a lot. lol Hey, we like having enthusiasts as well as the "just curious", or new!
  5. Strider

    1980's Memes

    Very true. I used pencil more than pen, on both my music and data cassettes, since the contents changed so much. And of course, the inserts! Where I would write the names and counter numbers. :)
  6. Strider

    1980's Memes

    I love that one too! Funny how many of the younger generation say "To write on the label?", and then look confused when you say "nope". haha
  7. Strider

    1980's Memes

    I ran across a few memes I liked that made me think ... What reminds me of the 80's? There is a LOT, especially when you include TV and music into the mix , but I narrowed it down to just a few items that popup the most in my memories, the things I used and loved to play with. Things we had that stuck in the minds of many people I am sure. The NES, console TV's, VCR's, the Sony Walkman, and of course, the Commodore 64. These are the original memes I found that got me thinking about this in the first place! So, what about you, what "things" take your mind back to the 80's? Besides the totally radical TV and music of the era.
  8. I think it was my uncle that got my parents to see that computers were not just expensive toys, but actual learning tools that they could also use. Sadly, my parents never really used any of the computers we owned over the years. My dad played a few games on my C64 from time to time, but that was about it. Still, they saw how much I liked them, and I think they were just happy there was something I had at home that I preferred doing other than wandering around town with my friends, something I still did a lot of. haha I agree on the "never underestimate the incompetence of the 15 year old", I came close to, and successfully fried, my fair share of stuff back then. I look back on it now as mistakes I learned from. My dad was really good with electronics, but has very little computer knowledge, so he helped me learn the components he knew, and what they were for, and I tried to teach him how it all worked as a computer. Good times.
  9. I remember having an FC3 cartridge and that desktop! Wow, that bring back some memories. I don't recall having the Power Cartridge, but that screen looks so familiar. Makes me think someone I knew may have had one, not sure. Still, so cool to see it all again!
  10. I started on a TI-99/4A, then moved to Commodore, and of course Commodore won me over pretty quick. :) My TI was a gift from my uncle in 1981, and I was thrilled beyond belief to get it. My parents were not gonna drop that kinda money for something they had no idea if I would keep using... boy were they surprised. I spent every free moment behind that keyboard. From that point forward, they fully supported my interest in computers. Good times!
  11. I never had the opportunity to own, or use, a TS 1000. Back then, and to this day, I really dislike "chiclet" or soft mushy keys and avoided them as much as possible. I was also not a fan of the smaller or pocket computers in general. Of course, much later in life I got to mess with and appreciate a lot more, like the ZX Spectrum, but that's as close as I got to a TS 1000. Still, I wish we had a computer "museum" in my area, I would love to play around with some of these systems I missed out on. :)
  12. Hey, that's an ORIGINAL desktop! :) And...one of the best. haha
  13. I feel your pain on the desk space issue... I do like the shelf idea, was thinking of modifying my desk and adding a shelf to store all my electronic parts and tools. Right now I setup and old TV tray next to my desk to work on, but have no real space for all my "stuff" when not I'm not using it. Especially since I recently picked up an Arduino Uno and have subsequently been teaching myself how to use/program it, and that has led me to taking on several projects. (Will post about those later.) If I had known Arduino's were so easy to learn/use, I would have picked them up a long time ago. This was day one, about an hour after the first package arrived. haha Basically, I have what I need the most sitting around/under my desk, in a cubby-hole on my desk, or in a few storage containers. Thinking of modifying the cubby to hold more. I just more space and time. EDIT: I can't believe I missed your LED clock, I built the same one and have it attached to my top monitor. I also wish I had a real C64 on my desk. Oh, and I guess I "Couldn't Make Head or Tail" of Nord and Bert. haha
  14. Ran across a few more good ones that made me feel nostalgic. haha The "Konami Code", playing Phantasy Star online on my Sega Saturn, the glorious days of loading games from cassette, and how I feel about a lot of modern "retro" games. So many memories. :)
  15. I don't recall where I originally seen or got this, but found it funny enough to save it. The idea of an Apple II / C64 hybrid was an idea that 1980's me would have loved! haha
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