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  1. I spend way too much time in Ark: Survival Evolved, but it's so darn addictive...Especially with it's massive mod community. I have over 2700 hours in it so far.
  2. I have been on the fence about this for a long time, but now that it's back in stock here, it's a lot harder for me to ignore. The temptation is real, just becasue as much as I would love all original hardware, that's just not going to happen due to all the reasons I mentioned before. Sometimes, I hate my love of nostalgia.
  3. After noticing the A500 mini pre-order was live on Amazon already, I seen The C64 (Maxi) is back in stock as well. So if you're in the US and want one at MSRP w/o crazy shipping, now's the time. https://www.amazon.com/C64-not-machine-specific/dp/B08GMTJYXJ/ Just in time for Christmas? lol
  4. Wow. Pre-orders are already up on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/A500-Mini-electronic-games/dp/B09CM1C3LX/
  5. One of the tech YT channels I enjoy is Level1Techs, and Wendell just posted a video about a C64 setup he picked up and how he's preserving the past by imaging and uploading the floppies to the Internet Archive. Basically, it's just a modern tech guy getting nostalgic about a computer that was before his time. So, I figured I would share. It also makes me wish I had the hardware to do this, I see a LOT of old floppies for various system on sale at local yard sales all the time. While reading IBM disks is easy, and I do have working drives in my basement, that's all I have. This just sounds fun to me. Do any of you archive like this in your spare time?
  6. I was attempting to get to the tornado without being assassinated. I got shot 3 times before I finally made it to it and was able to get sucked up, deploy my chute, and go for a ride. lol
  7. I did, and it's "Ensign Williams" I am most worried about, being seated closest to the airlock and talking about getting a promotion. That's a one way ticket to trouble town in original Trek.
  8. So many red shirts, has Bezos never seen the original Trek? Unless your name is Montgomery Scott, you should be very ... very worried! haha
  9. Honestly, if I was 90 and had the money... I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean, at that age, the clock has almost ran out so why not go for the thrill of a lifetime? It's not like it's going to come along again while you're still alive, and if I don't make it, I died doing something I loved. But... That's just me.
  10. So, I've been messing around in the Battlefield 2042 Beta (The BF series is the only modern online FPS I play), and one thing I love about this series is the weather. It actually effects the battlefield, now more so than ever! Of course, I had to run and jump in it, get sucked up, and killed. Pure joy. haha
  11. You got my vote. Phased matter sounds MUCH cooler.
  12. My personal favorite candidate are WIMPs, Weakly Interactive Massive Particles. Why? IF they exist, and they are searching like mad, they solve the problem (for now), and, I just love the name. Particles so massive or abundant they literally shape the visible universe, but are called WIMPs! I'm an astrophysics junkie. I do not pretend to understand the raw math (way over my head), but I spend a lot of time keeping up on current theories and reading WAY too many articles on the subject.
  13. So you all know I like projects, soldering, and most things retro. Also, that for various reasons I mainly stick to emulation, Pi, and Arduino. Still, I have had my eyes on many of the modern "kit" computers on the market, such as the Mini PET, VIC-2020, and I was even looking at a Color Maximite 2 to name a few. I am even looking at picking up Ben Eater's kits and just building it onto a PCB, just for fun. The problem is, kits like the Mini PET are very expensive, and some are not available due to the chip shortage. That being said, one kit I keep coming back to is the ZX Spectrum clone "The Harlequin rev 2D" kit. It's not too expensive (about $130US plus shipping), it's a full DIY, and I have never really had a chance to play around with much in the Spectrum universe. I have watched his build video, and it looks like a project I would love doing. So my question is, has anyone here messed with this kit? What are your thoughts? https://www.bytedelight.com/?product=harlequin-128k-rev-2d-black-large-diy-kit This is assuming I can get one shipped to the US.
  14. @Cyber Sounds like it's a pretty decent device. One of the reasons I moved away from wireless controllers was issues with missed or delayed button presses. Not a big deal in some games, but a killer in others. Though to be fair that was several years ago, and many of today's wireless controllers are much better. Still, my youngest kid is 20 so I really have no need for it anymore. lol @BruceMcF That's awesome! I can remember my boys playing my old 8 and 16-bit consoles and computers back in 99/2000 and saying something very similar to their younger sister. None of them really do much "retro" anymore. It sucks, but I have enough retro nostalgia for everyone.
  15. Oh yeah, I want one, as long as the price is close to the C64 Mini. For the same reasons as well, pure nostalgia. Yes, I can and do emulate it on both PC and Pi, but I am one of those people who appreciate the case as much as the internals, hence why I have the Pi cases I do. I like my hardware to look the part too! I also appreciate the work they put into it.
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