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  1. We did our family Thanksgiving today (Wednesday) becasue I always have to work on the day itself, one of the joys of my line of work. After dinner, I got bored, started playing around with Classic99, my preferred TI-99/4A emulator, and ran across something fun that really took me back...tapping in BASIC programs you found in magazines! So, have a "Happy Thanksgiving" with this BASIC turkey! Source: https://archive.org/details/family-computing-03/page/n107/mode/2up There are versions for Apple, Atari, C64 & VIC 20, TRS-80 CoCo, and more!
  2. It's madness what some things sell for in collectors markets. Thankfully, I'm much more of a "user" than a "collector". Used items may not have as much monetary value, but what they lack in condition they make up for in enjoyment and personal memories. I may keep the box something came in, or store it in it's box, but it's also going to get used and/or admired out of its packaging as well.
  3. I find myself using both the helping hands and PCB holder, it depends on what I'm working on. Helping hands are great for soldering on a wide variety of board shapes, wires, connectors, etc., but they can be finicky and unstable at times. The PCB holder is excellent for stability, but is limited in what it can hold. Personally, I really like having both. Also, it finally arrived! Just need to order a TS-BC2 tip and I'm set.
  4. I'm almost happy with it! Yep, exactly. The line was there for design alignment, I just screwed up the drilling becasue I tried to rush it. If I had a Pi or otherwise SFF style X16, I would totally make my own case!
  5. The 3MM LEDs and holders look great! But... I'm not happy with my drilling/cutting alignment. So, I'm going to just print both the front and back panels. Much easier.
  6. Random thought... I was sitting here, letting Steam update a game (No Man's Sky), and as I was watching it download, I was once again struck by how far we've come... And my speeds are slow compared to some. To download 6.8GB of data, extract that data and patch 12.4GB, all in just a couple minutes. Growing up dealing with kilobits and kilobytes and having to wait MUCH longer makes me marvel how much has changed in my lifetime, and appreciate it so much more than most I think.
  7. @Edmond D Yeah, sometimes I think things do indeed get lost in translation, other times I think they add as many popular terms as possible to try and get more search hits. Either way, some listings can be very amusing. In all fairness, that "Chanzon" company sells good parts. I've bought a lot from that seller via Amazon and it's all been good quality. So I can forgive the strangeness in the description.
  8. That's odd, the background is static, foreground behind text is black and moves over it, and text is white. Should be easy to read. What browser you using? It should look like the screenshot below.
  9. Yeah, I'm new to this level of design and modification, but I'm learning! For my LED holder/bezels, I'm looking at 4 options... Black Plastic: https://www.amazon.com/Plastic-Emitting-Display-Mounting-Holders/dp/B086JM3WMM/ Chrome Plated Copper Style #1: https://www.amazon.com/DaierTek-Holder-Copper-Chrome-Emitting/dp/B07WNMNS9P/ Chrome Plated Copper Style #2: https://www.amazon.com/outstanding-25-Pack-Copper-Emitting-Holder/dp/B07D9JL55L/ Aluminum: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083QB7VCB/ It's a toss up between #3 and #4 I think. They offer a better viewing angle and if I add washers to cover more, it will look like it belongs there. Plus, I want to keep the silver theme. EDIT: To make everything still fit, had to go with 3MM LEDs instead of the 5MM I was using. That keeps the bezels at 5.8M instead of 7.5MM. Ordered these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083Q9QMN4 & https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C3W6NSK
  10. After several months of owning my Ender 3, I makes me wish I had got one sooner! It's probably one of the best investments I've made over the past several years. My 3D design skills are slowly improving, still using Microsoft 3D Builder for most simple things, and I'm in the process of learning to use OpenSCAD. Both apps are great for the stuff I print the most, things to support projects I'm working on. It's come in really handy for my Z80-MBC2 build, my daughter has come up with a few things to print, and I have finally got to the point I'm actually printing things I want, not just what I need. I found this very simple little insert for a Mario "?" block candy tin to turn it into an SD card holder. I have a couple of those tins sitting around, so I modified the design a little to shorten print time and make the cards stick out further for my larger hands, and Bob's your uncle! I have a cool place to store SD cards! I love finding simple ways to reuse old things, so I thought this simple little print was a great idea. I just wish I had thought of it first. I have some small Pac-Man Ghost tins, a Pac-Man arcade cabinet tin, and 2 Mario Mushroom tins, I wonder what I can use those for? Original Project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1765326
  11. One step forward ... one more backwards... Modifications keep happening to account for issues that arise as I build it. Front panel layout had to change one last time. Back panel will be a 3D print. I need to find something to go around the front panel LEDs. The vinyl around the holes is messy so I want to cover that, like with the buttons. No power button on front, just no room. It may end up being external, we'll see. If I want it internal, that means more modifications. I need to order some right angle connectors. The connections on the uTerm are sticking up too high so I can't put the top on the case as of yet. Still....it's SLOWLY coming together, and it still works after moving the LEDs and buttons to the front panel!
  12. In addition to my blog, I created supporting Twitter and Archive.Org accounts as well. Just in the tiny off chance anyone is interested. https://twitter.com/AClassicGeek https://archive.org/details/@theclassicgeek
  13. Well, I FINALLY broke down and ordered a Pinecil... they're actually in stock! Now I wait for it to arrive from China. Can't wait to use it.
  14. The internal supports are complete! All that's left are the front/back panels and to move the lights/switches.
  15. Ran across this video and had to share. This guy has a great job! Also, dead ones make great coasters!
  16. Indeed! Quick final update for the next few days, time for me to go back to work, so I have to stop until my next day off. The build is getting closer! Just a couple more prints, some drilling and cutting, then to move all the LEDs and buttons to the front panel. Here is a quick look at what I have so far, you can get an idea of what the inside will look like. MBC2 on bottom, uTerm above it on the left side, SD card and RTC modules above it somewhat centered (on the two posts that are visible - the post extensions are currently printing). I wanted to not only make it look reasonably nice, but make it easy to service should the need arise. I even went so far as to print the schematics, bill of materials, and layout diagrams and will be placing them inside the case like they used to do with electronics. Can't wait to get it done so I can just enjoy it!
  17. IOS, unless I'm mistaken, simple means "Integrated Operating System" and indicates the IOS is loaded and running. In all reality, since the MBC2 is always running an IOS, it's basically a power light. IOP is actually "IO OP", there just wasn't enough room to include all the text. Again, unless I'm mistaken, it's "Input Output OPerations". That and DMA both basically indicate when the MBC2 is working/processing. When it's idle, they both burn solid, when it's working/processing, they both flash in accordance with those operations. USER indicates when you have pressed the USER button. It (and RESET) are used to put the MBC2 into different modes, but the USER input can be used for anything. It's just a generic input.
  18. Had to make some revisions to my original design. I forgot about the LEDs on the uTerm. Added them. Had to change the spacing on everything so it fits properly and not overlap/cut-off text. The photos make the front panel look bigger than it actually is. Once you cram a USB port, 4 switches/buttons, and 9 5mm LEDs on there, it gets cramped really quickly. Hence the reasons for the mock-ups. I hope this is the final major change I have to make.
  19. Cool little Z80 computer! Love to see designs from around the world! Since I dove into the Z80-MBC2, I've come to realize the Z80 processor powered a lot of my childhood, second only to the 6502.
  20. That's awesome! Now I want to make some!
  21. This is the path I'm going down. Also, some modern ASUS monitors have "Aspect Control", it allows you to switch between "full" and 4:3. I just tested it for the first time on the Z80-MBC2, and I really like it, looks so much better, but that's a text display. I think the monitor automatically adjusts to the input resolution, but I'm not 100% sure. If I don't have a monitor by the time I have an X16, I'll just use that feature and hope for the best in the meantime. It's greyed out in the image below becasue the monitor is detecting the native 1080P input. If that changes, it allows you to switch to 4:3.
  22. This should be close to what the front panel will look like when it's all said and done. Just printed it out on paper to make sure my alignments were close and see if I liked the white on grey... and I do! I may just stick with the white vinyl. What do you think?
  23. Well, I'll know in a little over 3 hours if I messed up the base print. Fingers crossed! EDIT: PROGRESS! So far it's looking good. Edit #2: The base is complete! Seems my measurements were good! I think it turned out quite nice. Now I'm printing the platform for the uTerm that sits on the 4 pegs on the left side of the base. That area is also where the cables will be stuffed out of sight... hopefully. Also working on a front panel mock-up just to verify I have that correct as well.
  24. I got a small bin full of /IO shields from many years of servicing PCs, mostly from replacing motherboards obviously. I need to toss them, most of the boards they went to are long gone and they're just taking up space. Personally, in terms of the X16, I don't need one, keep costs lower. If I want one, I'll design and print one. PLA plastic is more than capable of fending off PB&J sandwich attacks. Or in my case, keeping cat paws out of my cases.
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