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  1. A hobby I would probably enjoy, especially considering how much I love various fruits and veggies and being outside in general, if it wasn't for my brown thumb. If it's a plant, and it in any way needs help from me to survive, it's doomed. There are also some health concerns that limit my activities. Getting old sucks. haha Also, living in a small apartment greatly limits your gardening opportunities.
  2. That would explain why I don't remember it. haha What got me on that track was the fact Load Runner had something like 6 different developers and around 20 publishers for it's many ports across most common platforms. The "in-jokes" threw me off, now I know why, wrong game! Perhaps someone else's memory is better than mine. lol
  3. Well, right off the top of my head... If by "New" you mean a modern Amiga to appeal to a modern audience, I would honestly go with something mainstream from AMD or Intel. Ryzen being my modern CPU of choice. If you mean a continuation of the Amiga line after the 4000 series, then I would have probably wanted something from AMD or Intel back then as well. More likely an Intel 486 or Pentium chip. By that point in the game, 486 chips were commonplace, as well as widely supported. Pentium was the new beast on the block. I personally would have loved to have seen the Amiga line evolve into the x86 architecture and leave Motorola behind since that's were everything was headed anyway. If we were talking other hardware, well, there would be a lot more room to expand.
  4. I think I know this one! I'm going to guess ... I first played it on the Commodore 64, I had the cartridge version. Loved it! A true classic. I know it was developed for the Apple ii, but made it onto most platforms of the time, and had many remakes under different brands, including the NES. If I am correct, I don't remember anything about the removal of the in-jokes from the NES port, but it's also been many many years since I played it. haha Fun! You always learn something new!
  5. You guessed correctly, it is indeed "Castlevania: Rondo of Blood"! To expand on my hints a little bit... The game was released in Japan in 1993 on the PC Engine CD (Turbogragx-16 CD to those of us in the West), but this version didn't officially make it to the Western market until 2007 when it was released on the PlayStation Portable. It's also available on the Turbografx-16 Mini console released in 2020. My favorite version is the orignal PC-E CD from 1993! It was altered and released in the West as Castlevania Dracula X on the Super NES, and some of the games content can be found in Castlevania Bloodlines on the Sega Genesis(The New Generation outside of the US). The genre of games I am referring to is "Metroidvania". The mechanics and style of the original 8 and 16 bit era of Metroid and Castlevania games is widely used today, especially among indie developers. I have played through this series many times on the classic consoles, and is by far one of my favorite series of games. I just got done playing it yet again when I thought it would be fun to play a little game with it and see if anyone would recognize it. If you want that copy of Dragon Fantasy, just send me a PM here on the forums and I will send it your way. Also, if anyone else wants to post hints to another game, go for it!
  6. I spend a lot of my down time playing classic console and computer games, it's one of things I do to relax. While I do mess around with some modern games, I am a classic and retro gamer at heart, and love to play though many 80's and early 90's games. So I thought it would be fun to play a simple and silly little guessing game where you try and figure out the classic video game based on a variety of hints and clues. You can use images, videos, animations, facts, or whatever you want. I will kick it off. This game is a trip down memory lane for me, and tells an interesting story about how games from the 80's and 90's differ based on region and platform. How some games were deemed "too difficult" for the Western market, how translations were done, and how some games were completely altered from their originals when they came to the West. All things many people had no clue about at the time. Hint #1: This game was released in the early 1990's, but it's part of a series that got it's start in the mid 1980's, and is still going to this day. Hint #2: It's a "Platform Action-Adventure" game, though some also list it, and other games in the series, as "Horror". Hint #3: It's series (along with another) is often credited with sparking a separate genre of it's own that's very common today among indie developers. Hint#4: This specific title in the series was not released in North America, but was ported to the Super Nintendo, but altered from this original and under a different name, but still in the same series. (A common practice back then.) Fun Fact: The Super Mario Bros. II that most of us remember and played was actually a completely different game in Japan, called "Doki Doki Panic". It was altered for the Western market, had different sprites and a different story, and was renamed to the Super Mario Bros. II game we recognize. In Japan, they had a completely different Super Mario Bros. sequel, that was later released as "Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels" in the West on other platforms. In fact, the Super Mario Bros. II we know today in the West, finally made it back to Japan in 1992 as "Super Mario USA". The game I am hinting at here was similarly altered for the West, renamed, and released on a different platform than this original title. Many of the bosses and aspects from this game made it into other titles in the series on both the SNES and Genesis. I originally played it in all it's Japanese glory in the mid 1990's when a friend managed to get a copy when his dad visited Japan and brought him back a copy along with the Japanese version of the console, and a few other games of course. The version I play today is a translated version that was done much more recently. The game is left intact, but most all the dialog has been translated into English. Here's a clue from the games ending... Another clue.. Who's on the horse? The hero of the adventure of course! The hero was riding off after defeating ... I will periodically pop in and add hints until someone posts the correct answer. Good luck! Oh, and just for fun, I am including a prize! I have extra game keys from bundles I have purchased for one reason or another. Sometimes you get keys to games that you either already own or that don't really interest you all that much. If you're interested, and are the first one to post the correct game name, I will send you a copy (via private message on here) of a fun little indie title based on classic 8/16-bit era RPG games like Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest. It's called "Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria" and it's pretty fun to play through, very comical, I really enjoyed playing it! You will need Steam on PC to redeem the key and play the game. You don't have to take the game if you don't want it, I am just throwing it out there because I already own it and this extra key it's just sitting on my hard drive collecting virtual dust. haha https://store.steampowered.com/app/327980/Dragon_Fantasy_The_Volumes_of_Westeria/
  7. To be honest, I don't have a lot of room to talk, we have an Alexa in our restroom, have one in every room but one. House is full of "smart" lights and my wife uses it to play music. So we went from magazines and newspapers, to phones, to smartphones, to smart drives listening to everything we do.
  8. Nothing wrong with a classic! Also, I stuck with Windows 7 for quite a long time before moving to 10. Skipped right over Win 8, I hated it on so many levels, but 10 I really enjoy. As a rule of thumb, I tend to give Microsoft quite a few years to flush out a new OS. We're all aware of their "hit and miss" track record. lol It's hard to keep a tidy desktop, at least it is for me. I end up with so many apps installed, especially with I am trying to learn something new. You can never go wrong with Who!
  9. Remember reading about an upcoming computer in your favorite magazine and getting that feeling of anticipation? That desire to get your hands on it and see what it can do? Yeah... that's me, every time some new milestone is announced. I love having this feeling again! Nostalgia, my old friend, it's nice to see you again.
  10. The SNES was like "the one ring to rule them all" ... but everyone had one ... and it was great! By far having the largest library of my favorite games! In all seriousness though, I really can't pick a favorite. It changes from day to day. I really like all of them for different reasons. Probably why I use SNES inspired controllers on my RetroPie build housed in a Genesis inspired case. Edit: Speaking of the SNES... I was playing through an old favorite on my RetroPie, TMNT Turtles in Time (love all the TMNT games), and realized one of the levels was set in 2020. Their version of 2020 looked much cooler than ours. lol
  11. Nice video! By the time the Genesis and TG-16 came out, I had a firm grip on understanding computer hardware, and remember having to explain the differences between the Gens and TG-16 to friends. lol What's funny is I still went with the TG-16 first, over the Genesis. One of my best friends went with the Gens, after that, I got a Sega once I seen it in action for a while. The main reason at the time was while I owned a Master System, and liked it, I was much more impressed with the NES. I didn't have a lot of faith in Sega outside of the arcades and wanted to give NEC a try. I also liked their media format, the "HuCard". Also, later on, the fact they were the only ones (accessible to me) that released a CDROM add-on. Something I really wanted to see in the console space. That being said, I still think Sega did CD gaming better, for the time. The TG-16 is still one of my all time favorite systems, even though it was overtaken by Sega so thoroughly. I loved my Genesis and fully embraced the 16-Bit era, but I think I looked at the TG-16 as "8-Bit on steroids", and I liked that.
  12. Yep, same here. It happens, and thankfully easy to get around until it's updated. Though the "big scary" warning screen browsers give you these days can sometimes scare off newer or less technologically inclined visitors.
  13. We used to keep a magazine or two in the restroom. Most of the time there was a computer related one for me and a racing related one for my dad. We had a little rack on the wall to hold them. Though I do remember my mom putting a phone in the restroom as well. Worst .. idea .. ever! To this day I refuse to answer calls on the loo. haha
  14. You should look up the Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Remix music video. Seeing George Takei say "All your base are belong to us!" was a wonderful thing back when that game came out. Combining a favorite game series with one of my favorite actors. lol C&C is my favorite RTS game series, has been since 1995!
  15. Me in the 1980's ... No way you're gonna sit me behind a Commodore and tell me I have to "pretend" to play a game! Turn that thing on and lets get it done!
  16. If a RAM and a ROM get together do you get a wee little bit? Does it byte? Or do you just get a warm blanket? OK, that was a bad one. haha Nintendo's old "Now you're playing with power!" came to mind.
  17. OMG, the "9999 Games in One" scams! I hated those! I never knew those were common in other countries as well. The RAM one, that's good. I would say "No, son, it's not RAM, it's ROM." I ran across a few more that I had to share... Like this one... I have no idea what this is supposed to be, just "futuristic" tech advertising or some sort of dev setup? I mean, we can identify all the hardware, but used together??? Either way, it may not be a meme, but it's meme worthy. haha I remember this. Good times. Pain in the backside. Lastly, beware of games that are too realistic! If they only knew how far we would come...
  18. I seen this one and couldn't help but laugh a little, this is so true! Growing up before smartphones greatly increased your knowledge of health and beauty products at home. And this ad for Commodore made me think of "Puppyfractic". Also, no eating over the computer! haha
  19. The Genesis games that made the biggest impression on me were titles like Chakan, Splatterhouse 2, Comix Zone, or other games that were "darker". Comix Zone I just thought looked really cool, loved the comic book art style of it. Oh, and I can't forget TMNT Hyperzone Heist. Loved the TMNT games back then! One of my all time favorite video game series is Castlevania, and while Nintendo had a majority of the series on their platform, Castlevania Bloodlines is by far one of my all time favorites! They did an absolutely wonderful job on that one. The visuals, music, levels, just a ton of fun to play. I have always been a fan of the music in the series, but to hear it on the Genesis was a treat.
  20. Back then, I seen a distinct line between "computers" and "consoles", and while you played games on both, I was much more interested in the hardware on computers and just the games on consoles. Not really fully appreciating the fact the consoles were really just "dedicated" computers, designed to do one task, and do that task very well. Me personally, my only real gripe with the Nintendo/Sega debate was Nintendo's censorship of games, while Sega let the blood fly. Beyond that, I liked both systems for what they were, and actually enjoyed the fact they both had different sound and graphical palettes. It made each machine unique in it's own way. Granted, I favored more games on SNES than Genesis, but I did love the fact Sega tried so hard to push the envelope with the 32X and Sega CD. Nintendo had CD and floppy disk add-ons, but not here in the US, they just didn't want to step away from carts. Also, Sega tried to push consoles online with the Saturn in 1996 (and later with the Dreamcast in 1998), something I thought was so awesome back then. My real first "MMO" was Phantasy Star Online on the DC. Of course, XBand tried it earlier in 1994. I thought it was a neat idea, and had one for each console, it only supported a very limited number of games. Plus, it was SLOW as all get out by PC standards of the era, really only good for messaging.
  21. Also, another favorite meme of mine, that I STILL do to this day whenever I play classics on a controller.
  22. My memories are pretty similar, games like Space Invaders, Asteroids, Defender, Donkey Kong, and on up the line. I was reading an article recently on how they made games for classic consoles (like the NES) with the technology limitations of the time, and it reminded me of something, about a favorite classic we all know and love! I was curious if anyone else happened to notice it back when they first played it, circa 1985, or whenever you first played Super Mario Bros.? I sure didn't, I was too much in awe at the time, but MANY years later ... What got me going down that rabbit hole was watching David figure out how to cram as much into PETSCii Robots as he could within the constraints of the various hardware, and his reuse of textures. A common practice, but one we rarely notice when done properly, unless you're looking for it. haha
  23. Well, just got done putting together the "Spirit Box" (radio freq sweeper) prototype. Got the code all sorted out, working really good. Just have to add a powered speaker, giving it both headphone and speaker output, and build an enclosure for it. Oh, and design a PCB to clean it all up. :P
  24. I seen that as well. It's something I will be checking out with all my orders. Great advice!
  25. The common minimum quantity seems to be 5 PCB's, at least from the Chinese manufacturers I'm looking at. I looked into getting boards made closer to me here in the US, but it's vastly more expensive, so I dropped that idea pretty quick. From the looks of it, I will be sticking with either PCBWay (Thanks @Perifractic !), and JLCPCB. You can easily get low quantities of boards, considerably cheaper than here in the US, even considering shipping can be in the $10 to $20+ range, depending on how fast you need it. In both cases, I can get my first set of boards for $5 or less. Can't beat it!
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