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  1. Wow. Pre-orders are already up on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/A500-Mini-electronic-games/dp/B09CM1C3LX/
  2. One of the tech YT channels I enjoy is Level1Techs, and Wendell just posted a video about a C64 setup he picked up and how he's preserving the past by imaging and uploading the floppies to the Internet Archive. Basically, it's just a modern tech guy getting nostalgic about a computer that was before his time. So, I figured I would share. It also makes me wish I had the hardware to do this, I see a LOT of old floppies for various system on sale at local yard sales all the time. While reading IBM disks is easy, and I do have working drives in my basement, that's all I have. This just sounds fun to me. Do any of you archive like this in your spare time?
  3. I was attempting to get to the tornado without being assassinated. I got shot 3 times before I finally made it to it and was able to get sucked up, deploy my chute, and go for a ride. lol
  4. I did, and it's "Ensign Williams" I am most worried about, being seated closest to the airlock and talking about getting a promotion. That's a one way ticket to trouble town in original Trek.
  5. So many red shirts, has Bezos never seen the original Trek? Unless your name is Montgomery Scott, you should be very ... very worried! haha
  6. Honestly, if I was 90 and had the money... I would do it in a heartbeat. I mean, at that age, the clock has almost ran out so why not go for the thrill of a lifetime? It's not like it's going to come along again while you're still alive, and if I don't make it, I died doing something I loved. But... That's just me.
  7. So, I've been messing around in the Battlefield 2042 Beta (The BF series is the only modern online FPS I play), and one thing I love about this series is the weather. It actually effects the battlefield, now more so than ever! Of course, I had to run and jump in it, get sucked up, and killed. Pure joy. haha
  8. You got my vote. Phased matter sounds MUCH cooler.
  9. My personal favorite candidate are WIMPs, Weakly Interactive Massive Particles. Why? IF they exist, and they are searching like mad, they solve the problem (for now), and, I just love the name. Particles so massive or abundant they literally shape the visible universe, but are called WIMPs! I'm an astrophysics junkie. I do not pretend to understand the raw math (way over my head), but I spend a lot of time keeping up on current theories and reading WAY too many articles on the subject.
  10. So you all know I like projects, soldering, and most things retro. Also, that for various reasons I mainly stick to emulation, Pi, and Arduino. Still, I have had my eyes on many of the modern "kit" computers on the market, such as the Mini PET, VIC-2020, and I was even looking at a Color Maximite 2 to name a few. I am even looking at picking up Ben Eater's kits and just building it onto a PCB, just for fun. The problem is, kits like the Mini PET are very expensive, and some are not available due to the chip shortage. That being said, one kit I keep coming back to is the ZX Spectrum clone "The Harlequin rev 2D" kit. It's not too expensive (about $130US plus shipping), it's a full DIY, and I have never really had a chance to play around with much in the Spectrum universe. I have watched his build video, and it looks like a project I would love doing. So my question is, has anyone here messed with this kit? What are your thoughts? https://www.bytedelight.com/?product=harlequin-128k-rev-2d-black-large-diy-kit This is assuming I can get one shipped to the US.
  11. @Cyber Sounds like it's a pretty decent device. One of the reasons I moved away from wireless controllers was issues with missed or delayed button presses. Not a big deal in some games, but a killer in others. Though to be fair that was several years ago, and many of today's wireless controllers are much better. Still, my youngest kid is 20 so I really have no need for it anymore. lol @BruceMcF That's awesome! I can remember my boys playing my old 8 and 16-bit consoles and computers back in 99/2000 and saying something very similar to their younger sister. None of them really do much "retro" anymore. It sucks, but I have enough retro nostalgia for everyone.
  12. Oh yeah, I want one, as long as the price is close to the C64 Mini. For the same reasons as well, pure nostalgia. Yes, I can and do emulate it on both PC and Pi, but I am one of those people who appreciate the case as much as the internals, hence why I have the Pi cases I do. I like my hardware to look the part too! I also appreciate the work they put into it.
  13. I'm sure there's a per-flight physical and a lengthy liability waiver to sign. lol Also, I have no idea if he's paying for it or not, I didn't see that mentioned. I agree, would be great for publicity, as long as nothing goes wrong, and I truly hope nothing does. I also agree, we need the two finder tap! It would be nice to see a Vulcan greeting tribute to Mr. Nimoy as well, but I hope he just has fun!
  14. To each their own. Sub-orbital or not, no way I would pass up an opportunity like that. That would still be one heck of a thrill and as close to leaving our Earthly bonds behind as you're going to get at 90 years old, and more than a vast majority of us will in our lifetime. Plus, at his age, a traditional rocket launch into orbit would likely be more than he could handle. I firmly believe space-based tourism will be a thing in the not-so-distant future, we have to start somewhere. Not to mention it's going to be a very long time before it becomes affordable for people outside of millionaires. So yeah, if I had the money, I would totally do it. I'm no spring chicken anymore either and no way I am fit enough to handle a traditional rocket launch into space either. Darn science fiction inertia dampers not existing.
  15. Well, it seems William Shatner is finally going to take a trip to space, for a 15 minute sub-orbital flight aboard Blue Origin next month. Being a life-long Star Trek and William Shatner fan, I just had to share. I think it's cool as heck and I hope he has an amazing and safe flight, he deserves it! I also hope Blue Origin's engineers are at least half as good as Montgomery Scott!
  16. So, I know we're all about the retro here, but I'm pretty sure most of also use modern hardware as well. So why not have a thread to talk about a few modern things we find amazing or fascinating, especially with our retro perspective, since we all remember how different things used to be. A recent upgrade I did made me really appreciate how far we've come. I moved from the B450 chipset to X570, and from a Ryzen 3600 to 5600X, this also meant I was also able to add PCIe Gen 4 NVME storage to my system. Then, as if on cue, I was sent a new Crucial P5 Plus 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVME drive for review. So, I obviously popped it in immediately to marvel at it's speed... With sequential reads topping 6800MB/s and writes topping 4800MB/s, I find it amazing how far we have come in my lifetime. Watching gigabytes worth of data load in seconds. Using your system RAM as cache for such a fast drive, boosting your performance even more. I know many people these days won't be impressed by such things, but coming from cassette tape, to floppy disk, to many different types of platter drives, to SSD, and now this latest generation of NVME SSD technology. It truly is amazing and makes me really appreciate the technology, at least I think it's cool.
  17. Best I can come up with... no electrons or technology needed. Can be designed on ANYTHING! Full DIY and you don't get much more retro that wood! And... it''s even COLOR!
  18. I know I am probably missing something, and I am way behind in this thread, but I think I get the general idea. To the best of my knowledge, there are no businesses who will accept any form of image file to create a PCB. However, maybe someone would be willing to convert your PNG image to Gerber by basically transferring the design into software so the designer don't have too? Then you can use whoever you like. Though you may lose you aesthetic look. If the PCB must be classically etched for that old school copper look, then you may be stuck doing it yourself. It's very easy to do at home, all you need is an etching kit you can find online, and a laser printer. There are a lot of tutorials how to do it, it's really simple. You can print your PNG, transfer the toner to a copper PCB, etch the board in solution, then drill the through-holes. A process I have done many times in the past, though I drew my circuits by hand. lol There may be some small shops that do this classic form of etching, but if they exist, I know of none. No idea if that helps, probably not, but I wish you luck anyway!
  19. To be honest, I have nothing against any of the other switch-types, I like Red, Brown, and Blue so far, but I also haven't used all of them either. Just played with them in stores and such. I tend to default to what I find works for me until something forces me to change. One thing I do know, like @TomXP411, I prefer the Cherry switches over any others I have tried so far. I also dislike the Razer versions, as they use their own switches, not Cherry. My wife has a BlackWidow Elite board with their version of Green switches and she loves it, but I absolutely hate typing on it. It just feels ... wrong. I can't really explain it. My first "modern" mechanical board was the Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger (2012'ish), with Cherry Reds, and I fell in love with it. From there I expanded my horizons to Blue and Brown. I still have that board sitting in my closet. It still works great, I keep it as a spare.
  20. @TomXP411 @Yazwho Cherry MX Red and Brown are my favorites for home use simply because they are quieter, but MX Blue is still my favorite. The K70 I have now is MX Red, luckily it's the one they sent for review, so it don't annoy my wife as much. lol To make my keyboard even quieter, I picked up these, and surprisingly it does help if you have a heavy hand like me. A simple solution to stop the keys from bottoming out and making them a bit quieter. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N75JL0F/ @BruceMcF I...hate...on screen keyboards! I need physical buttons, of any type. I had small folding Bluetooth board that I ended up giving to one of my kids, I used it with my tablet as well, but no longer needed it since I really don't my tablet for anything much anymore. Though I do have this board I use as a backup for servicing or travel if necessary. Not the most comfortable to type on in the long term by any means, but it gets the job done. https://www.amazon.com/Sungwoo-Foldable-Silicone-Keyboard-Waterproof/dp/B0179N39KS/ Lastly, I have yet another I use for my Pi's daily driver. Another cheap backlit board from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RN5T3W4/ Shockingly, for the price, it's a good little lightweight board. Membrane so it's pretty quiet. I got it on a lighting deal for $8.99 at the time. I really like it. You can never have too many keyboards!
  21. As s continuation to the industrial use case scenario, not all industrial environments are dirty. In my case where we had done things like this is the past, the killer was moisture, not dirt. The Filler Room environments in many beverage production facilities are very cool wet areas. All electronic or computing equipment had to be sealed in an expensive stainless steel enclosure to survive, especially during the cleaning process. There were many instances where we had to run keyboards and/or mice/trackballs into the rooms from computers we setup outside the room for special runs, or as temporary solutions to a problem that popped up with the normal equipment. In some cases, we would put the computer in one of those stainless boxes even though it was not made for it, and run the HID devices out from there. In those situations, the computers were not in their original cases, we had taken all the internals out and mounted them inside the box to fit. We would make "adapters" and trays to attach the components to, often out of Lexan, so they could be mounted in the sealed stainless enclosures properly. As one last example of not all industrial environments are dirty, a friend of the family worked for a company called Jagemann Stamping, it's metal stamping. They make a lot of things there, including ammunition. Sounds like it would be a dirty environment, but the place is incredibly clean. Still, computers are isolated from some areas to minimize the chance of damage if there's an accident. It's a lot cheaper to replace a keyboard than an entire system.
  22. I totally forgot to respond to your question. Been a very long week. The most common consensus, and mine as well, is the MX Blue most closely compares to the Model M feel. Though it's important to note that a Model M and a modern MX Blue will still sound different, simply because they, and the boards themselves, are designed completely different, and thus resonate differently. The Model M has a deeper sound, it sounds "heavier", if that makes sense. Many modern switch keyboards sound more "hollow", it's a crisper sound. Both are "clicky", but the pitch is different. That buckling spring sound is just so unique, as is the sound of the key bottoming out. Completely different designs. Still, they feel very similar, and you can see why in the examples below, and can see where the clicky sound comes from and how they bottom out differently. Hope that helps!
  23. I seen this and thought it was fitting as well. Also, I remember seeing the C5 in some magazine way back when, I can't recall what one, but I just remember thinking how awesome it was and wanting one so badly. People like Sir Clive Sinclair are the types of people I admire, true visionaries, often ahead of their time, who forever made their mark on the wonderful world of computing. What I often think of as the "golden age" of home computing. RIP Sir Clive Sinclair!
  24. My "worst keyboards" are anything with chiclet style keys, my big old fingers just hate them, I like full size keycaps and lots of travel. So it's not that they're "bad", they just don't work for me as a daily driver. For light use they are OK, such as my HTPC and Raspberry Pi. Though, I did buy a keyboard for one of my sons many years back that they just had to have, and it had nothing but issues. It was a Saitek Cyborg, and he wanted it becasue it looked cool I guess... On the surface it looks like it would not be all that bad, lots of programmable function keys, metal coated WASD/Space/Arrows (though it still wore off quickly, it was more like metallic paint). The "touch" buttons along the top rarely worked properly, the software was crap, and the extra function keys were not like standard keys, they press down and to the side, and were just awkward as heck to use becasue of that and their location. Thankfully, this was his and I rarely had to touch it, just when called to troubleshoot something. One other theme I have is everything I use on a daily basis must be wired, I have a genuine dislike of wireless HID devices and batteries. Though I obviously use them for HTPC and the Pi on the go, they don't get used that much so it's no big deal. I don't even own any wireless controllers, except the ones that came with the Nintendo DS. Other than I hate having to use batteries, I have had a lot of bad experiences with them in the past, so I think I just gave up on them in general. I now consider wired a "feature", and not a "con". lol
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