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  1. Doom Eternal has some cool Easter Eggs in it. One such hidden gem of pure retro awesomeness, you can find 14 disks hidden around, and install the original Ultimate Doom on an old PC in your room on your "Fortress of Doom" ship. You can play the entire Ultimate Doom game, from within Doom Eternal, on an old PC, on your spaceship. I love it! Time to track them all down! Already found some vinyl! Love it when games pay tribute to their past. FYI: The disks you track down also unlock original cheat codes for use in Doom Eternal. You can also unlock and play Doom II on that same retro PC in Doom Eternal by simply entering this code "FLYNNTAGGART". Unlocking Ultimate Doom is not required to unlock Doom II. Flynn Taggart is Doom Guy's name in the original Doom novels.
  2. Story time! So, I'm running an XFX RX 580 DD 8GB card in my system. It does what I need it to do, even though the 580 line has been out since 2017 and was technically a "refresh" of the 480 line . Had it about 2 years now. Was under $200 when I got it, before the silicon hit the fan and sky-rocked in price. About a year ago a fan started making noise, and XFX kindly sent me a set of new fans and a shroud. So I tore the card apart and replaced it, and in the process I had to replace the thermal compound as well. Put it all back together. Worked great. Fast forward to this past week, and I start putting it under heavy load for the first time in months. Temps are pushing 85C, got the fans cranked to 2300+ RPM, so it got loud and hot. Started under-volting it to drop the temps, got them down about 5 or 6 C to just under 80, but still too hot and loud. It was running at 65C to 70C max, under full sustained load. So... tore it apart again. Thermal compound was hard...it dried out, I used my tried and true Arctic Silver 5. Dug out the tube, checked it out, it's barely still pliable, and I picked it up new a year ago when I replaced the fans. Guess I got a bad tube, or one that sat in a warehouse forever. So, I just got 2 tubes of Arctic MX4 recently, and I like it better anyway. Put that on there and... 65C under max sustained load at 1600'ish RPM. Cool and quiet! Even more so than it was originally! On a side note, I did discover my card can under-volt to 1050mV and remain 100% stable, at stock it runs at 1140mV under stage 7 (max) load. May see if I can get it under 1000mV, I know some cards can, seen some people saying they got them running at about 960mV. Lower temps, lower RPM on the fans, a win win out of an annoying situation! Amazes me how much heat modern hardware produces sometimes, but the level of control they give you over it is so nice. This is my card, love the look of it as well as the performance for the MSRP. NOT the current prices of hardware. These cards are going for $600 new right now. NOT worth it! lol
  3. HOW did I miss this?!?!? Seriously, I have been doing a lot with Arduino lately, but I kinda want to mess around with MMBasic and this gives me an excuse to mess with the Pico. At $4 a pop they are a pretty attractive micro-controller. I really liked the Color Maximite 2 and wanted to get one when I first seen David review it, but was never able to do so, they were always sold out. I gave up on it, but MMBasic looks like fun to me. I have a special place in my heart for BASIC, I gave up on programming a very long time ago, and only recently started fumbling though it to learn a bit later in life. At least this will be somewhat familiar, and I don't care about the speed on a micro-controller. So why not give it a try? Well...guess it's time to guy a few Picos... And down another rabbit hole I go.
  4. Why not some more classic game memes!
  5. I just have to say, I am pleased with both GeeekPi and RetroFlag for their customer support. GeeekPi is the company I bought my RetroFlag GPi Case kit from, and after trying to figure out the issue I am having with the case not detecting the built in controller, they gave me a full refund. In doing research and troubleshooting on possible issues with the case, I stumbled across the possibility there is an issue with the ribbon cable header. RetroFlag is sending me a special ribbon cable that actually solders to pads on the board, bypassing the header, to see if that solves the problem. How cool is that? I discovered it via an obscure YouTube video of someone fixing a similar issues with a broken header. I love it when a company stands behind the products they sell. It's a rarity these days, and I'm glad to see it in the retro community.
  6. I totally agree with the whole "Consumermas" feeling sometimes. I guess for me I like to think it's not so much about the items given as the time spent opening them, seeing peoples reactions, and talking about it as the day goes on. Christmas in my home was that special occasion when family got together, had a big meal, and had an excuse to spend way too much money on things we would not normally buy. Where as my wife and her family had the same gatherings, but they often gave gifts of necessities, ordinary items you buy all the time. My brother-in-law in particular would go out of his way to make gifts as hard to get into as possible, or make finding your gift an adventure style scavenger hunt with clues, puzzles, and all. Everybody does it a little different, and it's all special, it's all about spending time with family and having a little fun. Now that we're all "older", the magic of Christmas has indeed lost a lot of it's appeal. Still, the child inside me cannot live with the idea of not getting my wife gifts, even if I do suck at it, hence the lists. Even when she tells me she don't want anything. Honestly, through the year, we don't buy much we want, only what we need. I'm not sure why, but we just don't. So Christmas is that excuse we use to do it. I use it as an excuse to stock up on parts, tools, etc. for my hobbies. lol
  7. My musical likes span a very large gambit, and to be honest, I don't really have any clear cut favorite chips. There are those that powered more of my classic hardware than others, but I liked them all for various reasons, including their unique sounds. Also, I am no composer, I just enjoy the talent of others.
  8. I was sitting here the other night, dozing off in my chair, getting ready to go to bed. Noticed a new video posted "We asked A.I. to dream of Christmas nostalgia." So, I had to check it out. About a dozen replays later, I finally made myself go to bed, where I had my own dreams of nostalgia. I agree with @TomXP411, @Perifractic's music is most excellent! it's just fun to listen to. The "spiders" in the instrumental version were awesome. It was fun seeing what images and patterns my brain would try and recognize, like BB-8, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Atari logos, HAL, wired computer mice, D&D dice, and things that reminded me of TV and movies like Blade Runner, Six Million Dollar Man, and Knight Rider. Needless to say, both videos are fun to watch and listen to.
  9. Late to the party. The short of it is, I would echo what others have said and use something like MiSTer if I wanted to avoid a Pi or emulation in general. Going FPGA would be your only feasible modern option, for the reasons listed by others. Original hardware is hard to find and expensive, and most arcade machines were all different. Using an FPGA solution solves both problems and gets you as close to original metal as possible, with no software emulation.
  10. Lasers are for noobs! Sorry...couldn't help myself.
  11. We started the lists for two main reasons. One, I suck at getting things for my wife, her hobbies are pretty far outside my sphere of knowledge, as mine are for her. We simply like different things. Two, I tend to come across things I want or need as I am working on a project, or coming up with yet another one I want to do. So I add what I need to a list as a reminder for myself. Right now, I have several projects I have either started and have not had time to finish, are missing parts needed to finish, or want to work on once my time frees up (hopefully sooner than later). I decided, why not just let my wife pick up a bulk of it for me for Christmas. haha Good luck on the Amiibo! Many many trips around the sun ago, 80's and 90's, I used to collect video game related ... anything. I had quite the collection of miniature Nintendo statues and figures (several dozen), with my all time favorites being Zelda ones Hasbro (I think) put out. I got rid of them long ago, but they were awesome. Found some pics of them:
  12. So my wife and I recently started exchanging Christmas lists with each other since we both have very different hobbies and likes. This year, when I threw mine together for her, as I was going through it I had a vivid flashback of my late 80's and 90's self making lists of things I needed from Radio Shack or wherever I was going. Of course, my modern Radio Shack is mostly Amazon. lol My 2021 list includes ceramic, electrolytic, and variable capacitors, trimpots, diodes, prototyping PCBs, de-soldering wick, a component tester, a specialized lead kit for my multimeter, and a few other electronic related items and tools, you get the idea. So instead of spending time wandering my local Radio Shack stores looking for parts, now I am doing from the comfort of my home. So many memories, and to be honest, while I love the conveniences of shopping at home (especially as I get older), I do sometimes miss the days of going to physical shops and looking for what I need. Though, I am sure my wife looked at my list and shook her head, I know I do whenever I see the things she wants. So what about you? Do you do lists? What's on you list for this year? Does any of it bring back memories of years gone by?
  13. I'm a simple man. I love silly DIY projects like this.
  14. Simply put.... I love it! Excellent job! Now I want one. lol I want too many things.
  15. I am vastly more knowledgeable when it comes to electronics (hardware) than I am with programming (software), but I still did that exact thing. Building myself an AM/FM radio, just because I want to, and it morphed from a simple no MCU all analog project, into a programmable Arduino powered touchscreen unit. So now, I'm doing a second "retro" all analog one, becasue, why not. I built my wife a simple Arduino powered EMF meter, now I'm building her a second more advanced one, with more "options", for her ghost hunting hobby. An EMF detector needs no MCU's, it's a very simple circuit, yet here I am spending days planning, programming, and building something that would normally take hours at most. So no one is safe, especially if your learning something new. Also...
  16. Since it's been a while, and I have been spending time playing with Arduino, I found these amusing. Also, whenever you try and learn anything new... haha
  17. This is awesome! Thanks for the info @Scott Robison, I didn't even know this project existed. I downloaded the PDF's and have been skimming them, the memories, just fantastic. A great reproduction. I think sometime after the holidays, I may get a set printed, give it a bit more time for errors to be found and corrected. I would just love to have those manuals on my shelf.
  18. We're actually doing ours on Tuesday (30th), becasue I had to work 12 hours on Thanksgiving. The joys of working in healthcare. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I love spending the day at home with my family, making the huge meal, the smell of the food filling the house. The best part is eating so much you're in pain for the rest of t he day, but you don't care, becasue it's so good!. Oh, and leftovers! haha
  19. I have never actually touched a Chromebook, I don't even use Chrome, except at work. I'm a Firefox guy. lol I look at Windows as a "necessary evil" because no other platform can do everything I want it to do. So, I am stuck using it for most everything, and playing around on Linux, but not really being productive with it. Not as much as I am on Windows anyway. It sucks, but it is what it is.
  20. Not going to ruin anything for anyone, but I went and seen it, and if you're a fan of the series like I am, it's a must! My wife, daughter, and I went to check it out, being a Monday night we pretty much had the theater to ourselves. I really enjoyed the film, there is a lot of "fan service", and it was really well done. The way they did things was really respectful to the original films and it was well worth the $65 it cost, once you add in popcorn and soda. haha I seen the original two films in theaters when they released, no way I was going to miss this one, especially since it's one of my all time favorite film franchises. Also, if you go, there are two post credit scenes, one near the start of the credits, and one at the end. So don't run out of the theater, you wont want to miss them. Have you seen it? Plan on seeing it in theaters? What did you think?
  21. The MOST I pay for a Windows license: https://www.kinguin.net/category/19429/windows-10-professional-oem-key ($30 or less) They have been my goto source for a long time, activation takes a few extra minutes since you have to actually call MS and ramble off codes back and forth, but after several dozen keys, they have all worked great. Retail prices are stupid insane, and I have always bought OEM from various sources.
  22. I do admit, and as those on here who know me, I use my modern hardware to do a lot of retro things. Though, I do my fair share of purely modern things as well. I am sometimes flabbergasted at the complexity of modern games, seeing why it takes an entire studio, hundreds of people, truck loads of money, and months (if not years), to put out a single "AAA" title. On the flip side I also really marvel at small indie studios who put out amazing games with both modern and retro themes, with little to no resources at their disposal. For me that's one of the main reasons I like our modern hardware, there is so much computing power available that you can push the envelope of whats possible and create ultra realistic games, create a smash hit retro game that strikes that nostalgic nerve with players, and emulate most all of the platforms and operating systems of the past, all from your desk. That being said I am sitting here muddling through Arduino code working on making myself a portable FM radio, just becasue. Letting Steam update a long list of games, watching (more like listening) Adrian's Digital Basement work on a IBM PC 5160 motherboard, looking for some specific ROM's, and taking a bit of a break to mess around on the forums here. Multitasking! This is how I enjoy my days off work. You got to love modern technology.
  23. On a side note, has anyone else noticed that Raspberry Pi's are now made of pure gold? I mean, for the asking prices now, they may as well be. Stupid supply chain issues... Just about all the licensed sellers are sold out, so the second hand sellers on Amazon and eBay have skyrocketed their prices, they have always costed a little more, but nothing like right now. It's crazy. Makes me glad I have several to play with until all this passes. It just sucks for anyone looking to get one for the holidays this year. On a bit of good news, GeeekPi is not only trying to send me a new GPi Case, but becasue they are having shipping issues, are also refunding me the $70 cost of the case so I can order one directly from RetroFlag. So, if it all pans out, I'll end up with 3 of them. Now to do that before they go out of stock too. Now that's customer service!
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